Website development in 2014 … big challenges for top design companies

Sep 17, 2014

Web DesignWeb development companies today face challenges like never before. New technology and new methods for design keeps us on our toes. Our current clients and new prospective clients are considering a website re-design about every two to three years. The “refresh” they are looking for includes new visuals, graphics and of course, adding the latest functionality.  The talent to deliver must be there if today’s top companies hope to remain solvent and on top of their game.
Many web design companies go out of business simply because their team did not continue their education as new methods were introduced. All clients, sooner or later, will need new technology and updated web design. If your web development team does not offer the latest bells and whistles, you’ll find your clients moving on to more talented design firms.

Company Team Member Responsibilities:

Staying plugged in to new technology has to be a part of every team member’s responsibility to the company. There are educational seminars which should be attended and new software to learn. If your programmers, designers and SEO staff are not familiar with these new methods, and how to implement them, your clients will soon become disadvantaged. As new techniques are identified, it is also important to let your clients know and offer the new methods.

New Design, Re-Design Suggestions for change:

  • A re-design, mobile ready and responsive
  • New visuals and graphics
  • Professional logo development
  • Article marketing campaign
  • Affiliate Marketing Capability
  • SEO friendly content
  • Meta tag development
  • E-Commerce capability
  • Adding a third-party portal
  • New FAQ page
  • Chat room feature
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Adding educational & reciprocal links

If your design team does not have the ability to implement the current methods, you might consider using a strategic partner. Whether you decide to hire a new team member or use a partner outside the firm, staying connected and current is a must if you plan on continuing to be a leader in the industry.

Conclusion and final thoughts on Web Design in 2014

Graphic designers, programmers and SEO professionals are always needed and appreciated by design firms. Inquire if the applicant you are considering is well-versed in the latest software and how he or she feels about continuing education. Our pet peeve is hiring a team member set on old ways and not willing to change and grow.  Today’s new technology insists upon those who think progressively and stay plugged in to the latest media solutions.
Web development in 2014, depends upon a higher level of skill and expertise. Many newbies in our industry feel they can simply rely on downloading templates and adding content. Even WordPress optimization takes an in-depth understanding of the source code. Additionally, we look for those who know CSS, HTML, PHP, and graphic talent. They should also be proficient with Responsive Design Strategy providing mobile ready websites.
Today’s clients demand the best. Continue learning and grow forward….  your success is online!
Jean HollandRose & the
Design Wizards SEO Staff


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