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Sep 30, 2014

Outdated programing and design techniques:

Website Design TrendsMany older sites were driven by content heavy pages, outdated animation techniques and are not responsive and mobile friendly.  The new site will be developed using today’s mobile standards. Additionally, more emphasis is now being placed on larger visuals and more creative and cutting edge graphics. Sites are becoming more visual in nature and call for a  minimalistic in look and feel. Many business owners are putting more thought into the landing page message which should be short and sweet. The home page (landing page) content should be brief, around 350 words. The popular method featuring changing images has given way to a more static and simple home page.  One great image which represents your services and a “call to action” element  or informative bullets may be all that is needed for success. Additionally, to keep the home page current, we suggest the most current blog posts be listed, along with social media content.

Re-Branding the Company (Refresh the company identity):

What is different and new is always attractive to new users. The logo and company identity is the first impression to those visiting and must be updated to compete in today’s challenging marketplace. As we begin work on a new website or a new re-design, we always encourage our client to consider updating their brand. Re-branding the company brings more business your way as you announce to the world you are a progressive brand worth considering. Sometimes it is as easy as changing the logo colors to bring more life into the brand identity.  Other times the client may want to consider completely re-branding themselves by hiring a graphic artist to create a new logo, new business cards, etc.

New SEO Methods:

New techniques for search engine optimization is also important for those clients looking to increase traffic to their site. We are discovering that search engine spiders for the top search engines like Google, etc., are no longer considering just the website itself and existing content.  Rank is determined rather by the value of consistent “new content.”  Hiring professionals to blog and keeping the social media accounts up to date will bring big dividends your way and increase daily traffic to the site.  Consider adding the cost for blogging services to your next budget to get the most from your website ROI.

Re-writing content, video and social media:

Marketing with Social Media It is very important to ask the client to re-write all old content to refresh the company message.  Adding a video message is also a new way to connect with the target audience. Keep all social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., up to date and current with new content.  Search engines follow all links and any link which is not being kept current will bring a lower rank. Take the time needed to learn what is happening in our industry.  Carpe Diem!!
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Jean HollandRose, Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional
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