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Oct 7, 2014

Gaining global recognition is every designer’s “golden grail” of achievement. Working to become the best at what we do takes education, time and hard work. With technology changing like the wind, we make time in our busy schedules to learn new methods and to offer those methods to our clients.  Our latest IAC entry for a design award is “Leak Doctor.”  This site features all of the latest and greatest elements for achieving award consideration.  Should our site be chosen for a Web Award, we will announce this in a post in the near future.

The top programming methods for 2014

CSS (Cascading Style Sheeting) CSS is a programming language that controls the layout of the website. A programmer defines the placement of information, color schemes, and font styles. jQuery (replacing Macro Media Flash animation) jQuery is a programming language built on Java Script. A programmer uses jQuery to add animation and website changes based on a user’s actions.

Continuing Education:

Deciding on a career in web design requires a commitment to continuing education. Learning the basics can understanding how to download “ready-made” templates will not suffice for all clients.  New methods are recognized by businesses wanting to offer cutting edge online services to their customers. Take classes such as HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheeting), Photoshop for editing images, DreamWeaver and Fireworks, to name a few.  Any classes on graphic design is also suggested.  Learning and understanding the new technology of today will take time and requires some programming ability.  Graphic design does not require this programming knowledge and if you feel you are more included to be artistic, this route may be the best approach.  Technology changes often and new elements of programming and design are being introduced to the marketplace constantly.  Keeping up with this new technology can be daunting and requires commitment and perseverance.
Contact us to discuss what might be required for your career in web development.  We enjoy speaking to upcoming developers and graphic artists and wish all of a successful future in our industry.  Once you have some expertise and have developed a few cutting edge sites, you can submit your entries for critique and enter one of your top creations for award consideration. Making sure that your entry has all the latest bells and whistles will insure that the entry is given top consideration.  Good luck in your career and continue learning to stay ahead of the competition.  Our team is not only developing sites but involved in continuing education to stay current.
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more from the Design Wizards.
Jean HollandRose (Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional)
Inside Design Orlando.


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