How to write compelling posts for today’s savvy readers

Oct 14, 2014

Content writers and bloggers spend countless hours researching and deciding on topics which best represent their clients.  To stay current, they are also constantly reading and becoming familiar with new software as it is introduced into the marketplace. Content worth reading is not a task for the faint of heart.
It is also not a chore that you should delegate to a secretary with no creative writing credentials.  Posts should be compelling and well researched for best results.

Finding a need and filling that need.

Once the blogger has identified a need worth writing about, they proceed forward by determining the best way to fill the need and offer a solution. One of the many tools they use is to sign up for current news outlets offering up to the minute news and views.
Information from last year is not going to be read as quickly as breaking news, which will immediately capture and hold the viewer’s interest.

SEO tactics change constantly:

SEO (search engine optimization) tactics change all the time. A blogger spends anywhere from 20 to 25 hours per month on each client site for the best SEO results. A popular title might be a  “How To” article.  Many of us as we search the web will use the “how to” words to search for ways to do something. There is a ton of information already available on the web so each new post should be fresh and new.  Professional bloggers are always looking for more effective SEO methods.

Offering a benefit to stay competitive:

Who doesn’t want to save money?  Coming up with a specific benefit will keep users returning for more. It will also help your client stand out among competitors.  Saving money is precious in our fast-moving environment and those searching on the web today are looking  for these savings. Staying competitive requires offering more benefits to your savvy readers, constantly learning and staying current with the new technology. Creative writing is a must today as we compete globally for new business.

What about “opinion pieces?”

Most professionals are wary of opinion pieces, and stay away from controversial topics. Instead they prefer to concentrate on developing quality content which will elevate the client’s product or service to new levels of importance. They are careful to always back up each article with only the facts and spend their valuable time creating fresh, original content which offers a benefit and educates all who visit the website.
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Jean HollandRose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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