Wish List for new web development … What to ask for!

Oct 24, 2014

Web experiences for 2015 and beyond will call for minimalism and development will lean toward flat design. Animation and drop shadows are being replaced with a clean modern look and appeal. Just the basics are being chosen to represent brands in a more updated and cutting edge manner. Less content and more attention being paid to the visual effect of the site is being suggested by top designers. Right and left column sidebars have given way to top menu placement which is considered more user friendly.
Website layoutUnique menus, simple layouts and better use of white space is now preferred over the complex layouts from the past.  San-serif and Standard serif fonts are being replaced by more dynamic creative font choices. Single page sites are becoming more popular and the Parallax method for scrolling is being requested by some clients.

Parallax Scrolling Page Explanation:

This method may come and go as any other trend if it is not used correctly. First used in video games and then by designers lately, Parallax scrolling can be an engaging experience for designers, publishers and for great storytelling (as a few examples). However we are noticing many less professional versions of Parallax being used only for effect and if there is no specific purpose for this element, it should not be used.  the entire site can be programmed to scroll or a specific page such as Collina Kids Academy’s “about” page.

Pintrest (Social Media) platform impacts new design:

Pintrest is coming on the scene for many users and this trend is increasing. Pintrest allows the user to navigate through content without having to reload a web page or to click through to read more of the article.

Blurred backgrounds and the new “Sticky Menu.”

Blurred background images may enhance the viewer’s experience and we’re seeing this element more and more. This type of background is featured on our new website this year. Also featured on our new site is the “Sticky Menu.” This type of menu keeps the menu firmly in its’ original position as the visitor scrolls down the page.  This enables the visitor to choose any page from the menu quickly and efficiently. The menu is always available and visible from any position or page in the website.  View a new site just published with features the Sticky Menu.
An active video background experience rather than a static website experience is now being used by some designers. This new visual content takes advantage of the larger browser capability. This method works best for those companies wishing to entertain the visitor. This may or may not be perfect for you. Some companies would prefer a static experience to keep the user focused on the product or service.

Multiple DevicesResponsive Design Strategy is here to stay:

Developing the site to be responsive for multiple devices is a trend that will last into the future. The benefits are endless and most users are now mobile.  Reaching the target audience is paramount in doing business today. We are fast becoming a mobile society and this must be embraced by all designers. Non mobile-friendly site are fast disappearing from the scene.


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