When is it ok to delete published blog articles?

Oct 31, 2014

Deleting blog materialMore blog articles equal more pages for search results. The more you blog, the better your chances are for being found by potential readers interested in your product or service. Each blog post you create may be the answer to a web search for someone.

What Happens When You Delete A Blog Post?

Every individual blog post you delete means that all back links to that deleted page will now be broken. Since the blog title (stays online) even after the blog content has been deleted, those finding the title of will click-through and find a message that says “page not found.”  The old information may have also been linked by others finding the information useful. There links will now be broken as well.  You can see that deleting a post is a slippery slope.

Editing any outdated material is the solution:

Instead of deleting a blog post entirely, simply edit and update the old information. Mention somewhere in the blog post that the blog post content has been updated and list the date in which the content was changed. Most of us who search for information choose to read blogs which are more current.  The date of the post becomes very crucial when you’re looking for the most current information on a topic.

Are you depending upon new traffic to the site?

If  your site is built to attract new traffic and your company depends upon search engine results then you should not delete posts.  Instead, keep the post content relevant. If you include content based solely upon news which is happening in real-time, your blog post content will always be accurate.  Try to avoid adding opinion and stick to accurate and well-researched material. It is best to stick to the facts and it is not ok to make up your own facts.

Add information regarding up to the minute news:

Sign up to receive magazine articles related to your expertise and write about this new information regularly. Doing this will help to keep your dynamic blog content current and relevant. You’ll win by staying ahead of your competition and become known as an “authority site.”
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