How can a website re-design generate new revenue?

Nov 8, 2014

A new look for the futureUser experience is driven by first impressions. As a visitor reaches your website they will immediately judge the quality of your product or service based upon the professional look of your site.  If the website is poorly designed, and not inline with today’s visual, fresh features, your brand  and business image will quickly be labeled as outdated.

Most new purchases are for the latest technology:

Most of us, if we’re honest are attracted to everything new.  When a new smart phone or table is introduced into the marketplace,  many of us order it immediately or stand in line  for hours to be first to make the purchase. Likewise, web design style and functionality is always evolving. We suggest to our clients that an upgrade should be considered at least every two to three years to stay competitive and to increase ROI (Return On Investment).
Mobile (responsive) websites are the norm today since most users want to get what they are looking for fast and efficiently. We all carry our phones with us today and the mobile phone is just as important as wearing the appropriate clothing for the weather. The desktop version of your website will no longer bring you the mobile users. Unless your site offers accessibility for all devices including smart phones, tablet and computers, you’ll be missing out on  a large percentage of  your buying public.

Outdated templates:

Some web platforms are still on-line, using outdated technology and yet still available for purchase. As you consider a CMS platform you want to make sure the platform supports the latest technology. The best way to determine if a platform you have chosen is ok, is to ask a multi-media designer and programmer. They work with the latest software and can identify new features needed for new design. We find that our clients change their business goals about every two years. As your business evolves, so must your website, with new visuals and new functionality. Whether you choose to go with a new custom design or find a template online, the choice you make should include the latest technology.  The new design should improve the client’s site and bring it forward using newer technology to attract today’s savvy customer base.

Differences between the old and the new design features:

When a client contacts us for a site re-design we know there will be a huge change in the works.
The current site for Spies Pool is out of date and the layout needed improvement. The new home page (in progress) features a larger logo and the darker blue color to compliment the branding. We’ll be completing their new site within a couple of weeks and their team is looking forward to having a new updated responsive site for the holidays.  Keeping up with new technology is important to stay competitive.  Contact our group to discuss a new look for the new year.  We offer design options for most budgets and look forward to meeting you.

Inside Design News for early November of 2014:

A special congratulations are in order for our crew who just won an “Outstanding Achievement Award” from IMA (Interactive Media Awards) for the Leak Doctor Custom Responsive website. Special mention to Susan J. Dill, Certified Hypnotist.  We were honored to work on Susan’s new website which will be launched later this week.
Hurry back for more news and views from our Design Wizard crew.
Jean HollandRose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando


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