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Nov 13, 2014

Our brand, “Inside Design Orlando” is proud to announce today that our new website has been launched for clients and visitors. We all worked hard on the new look to represent a new global image. We hope you will browse the site to learn more about the Design Wizards and our multi-media services.  We offer custom responsive design, customized CMS platforms, graphic and logo creation, SEO strategies, custom APPs and marketing techniques for SEO success.

Re-Design brings your brand forward:

Those entrepreneurs who are engaged in building their brands to reach a global audience will profit like never before in 2015.  A fresh face (re-design) will bring more business your way and it says a lot about who you are. Your website is now your global storefront and should depict the image you wish to portray. This shouts to others that you are a player on the world stage and stay current with modern methods of design.

SEO and social mediaHow does social media play a role in global communication?

First decide on where your major audiences may be and what they use for communication. For example, social platforms like “Twitter” are very popular in China but not so much in other areas of the world.  Choosing your social media platforms carefully will maximize your marketing budget.  Reaching diverse markets will increase company revenue by putting you in touch with a larger buying  audience.

Ask other successful entrepreneurs for help:

Find companies that are already experiencing global success and study their methods or ask them for help. This may keep you from making unnecessary mistakes. We are always open to speaking with other web designers and answering questions regarding design and programming.  As your brand becomes well-known we hope that you will pay it forward by helping others. This is a great virtue to have and will always bring good karma your way.

Content writingNew SEO methods to drive traffic in 2015:

Content is still king and this will continue to be important in 2015 for any global marketing strategy.  All online entrepreneurs will still need to add a constant stream of new thoughts and written articles from TV, online, mobile devices and news in “real time” to stay ahead of the competition. The content you provide must be relevant to your target audience and also be original, engaging, fresh and well-written.
Each time you write an article worth reading and publish your work, you are building your brand to be one of authority.  Each new post becomes a new page and a new opportunity for your website to be found in the major search engine results.

Following statistics, data and site metrics:

As you build your brand and learn new marketing strategies this year, you’ll want to watch your website statistics to see how you’re doing online. You might consider using an automated tool for gathering stats.  Some hosting companies like offer a “Free” statistics package included in their hosting services. If you already have a hosting company you’re happy with, ask if they provide a statistics program.  Or you may consider adding Google Analytics to your html source code.
Until next time,
Jean Holland-Rose Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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