We are predicting a new surge for WordPress CMS sites for 2015

Nov 20, 2014

WordPress was established in 2003 with very few users.  It has grown over the years to be the top blogging platform and chosen as a website platform for millions of new users each day.  WordPress is an open-source platform which allows the user to edit the site content easily.  The learning curve to work on a WordPress platform is lower than competing software.  This enables those who have a limited programming background to create the site and manage the site as well. The WordPress platform can be used for almost anything and is a workhorse for the small business individual just starting out.  Since its introduction in 2003, WordPress has evolved from a blogging system to a full-content management system.

WordPress software requirements

WordPress WebsiteThe CMS WordPress software does require a hosting company to be chosen who supports the php script needed for operation. It is completely customizable and with some programming knowledge, there are plugins and elements available for all functions needed.  It is best to spend time mastering the software before attempting to set up a website. There are plenty of online tutorials available for WordPress training.

Choosing the right theme for WordPress sites:

Caution:  Some of the more advanced programming and plug-ins should be optimized and managed by a professional programmer.  However, the site owner can learn the WordPress administration and use the basic elements needed to set up a functional WordPress site. Those who do not have the programming knowhow or those who would rather have a professional optimize the WordPress theme are growing. Inside Design Orlando and our Design Wizards are inundated with WordPress optimization requests lately.

Reasons to hire professionals to optimize WordPress sites:

  • The client downloads a WordPress Theme which is not a current theme and may not have the latest software included in the theme template.  Be sure to find out when the WordPress theme was created. More current versions offer the latest technology.
  • A client may feel it would be easy to purchase a WordPress theme and learn the software quickly.  It does take a commitment and an effort to take the time to learn the software.  Some of the more advanced features may need a professional programmer’s help.
  • Many clients feel paying for the WordPress Theme is all it takes.  This is false.  Some programming knowledge is needed to publish and optimize the template chosen.  It is all about time or money.  If you have the time you can learn the WordPress Software.  If you are too busy to spend the time, then your best solution is to pay a professional programmer to develop and optimize the WordPress them and publish the site.

We are expecting many more clients to consider a WordPress CMS theme in 2015 as it is the most cost-effective choice for developing and publishing a new website.  Custom work is more expensive and more time-consuming.  Call us to discuss the difference between Custom Development and CMS WordPress Software options.
Have a great Thanksgiving and hurry back for more talk from the Design Wizards,
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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