The dynamic world of SEO and the rich domain

Dec 2, 2014

Rich KeywordsWe all know by now that individual keywords are no longer as important as in the past. Search engines have resorted to using phrases and semantics in their ranking systems instead. Using keywords (within a phrase) is still relevant. Some of our clients who chose domain names with rich keywords included, are wondering what will happen in the future.  Will their domain names still be valuable for SEO, or will the keyword rich domain no longer be powerful for attracting new customers?   We did some research and discovered from several top SEO companies, including CanIRank, that the rich domain name is definitely here to stay.

What about Google?

Google is reporting that the rich domain name is still being used for validation scores. Customers using the Google search tool, are still using keywords as anchor text for searching online and this is an advantage for these domains. The ROI (Return On Investment) also increases with those using the keyword rich domain based upon increased site traffic. Consequently, startup companies looking for a great domain name can still look for keyword rich choices and feel confident that the value will hold for the coming year.

Using a combination of SEO tools:

Combining a great domain name with a quality link building program will bring success in the new year and improve ROI. Keyword rich domains require less content and rates higher on website relevancy scores.  The key is to build relevancy and higher scores by adding more SEO tools in addition to the keyword rich domain.  Great article marketing techniques which add valuable content consistency will really pay off.

Building Brand relevance:

Building a brand requires hard work over a long period of time, always taking into account, changes in search engine algorithms and other elements affecting the overall brand performance. Domain names (especially those that are keyword rich) will gain value over time.

What to consider when buying a domain name:

  • Is the domain name easy to remember for return customers?
  • Does the domain name of your choice support your product or service?

If the answer is “yes” then go ahead and choose your keyword rich domain with confidence, knowing it will serve you well as you develop your brand for the future.
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Jean HollandRose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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