What's trending and what works for successful web design?

Dec 19, 2014

We have noticed recently that more and more individuals opting for CMS (Content managed Systems) are choosing WordPress themes. Their thinking is, of course, that it is cheaper for them to purchase a WordPress template, easier to download to their own computers and once completed, the site can be online quickly and serve as their company website.

Is  developing your own WordPress site really the best choice?

Although WordPress is (as advertised) relatively easy to download to one’s own computer, it is another story to actually have the skills necessary to program and optimize the WordPress theme. Sample WordPress sites are beautiful to look at.  However, the buyer should be aware that they are also programmed and optimized by professionals to attract buyers.  Site owners with little programming knowledge will find it difficult to optimize the theme to add the more advanced functions which are required for your site to look like a sample site.
It is all about time versus money.  If you have the time to study and to become proficient with WordPress you can learn to create a working website.  However, if you do not put in the time required to learn, you are best served by hiring a professional. 
The top complaint we receive is from WordPress owners who are unable to master the programming to add the elements necessary for a fully working website.  Our best suggestion is to call a professional before purchasing a WordPress template.  We’ll look at your choice and offer our best suggestion for you to move forward with confidence. It is much more cost-effective to do it right the first time.  Partner with a professional for a well put together WordPress site which will serve you well into the future.

Flat Design is becoming a popular choice for custom design:

For those consumers interested in a custom one-of-a-kind website, the “Flat design” method is now a popular concept.  Flat design incorporates a simple, classic look and feel which focuses more on usability, rather than animated gifs and other flashy elements.  This design method  allows for more open space on the site pages, crisp edges,  bright interesting colors and each illustration is flat and two-dimensional. This trend (in our humble opinion) is here to stay and new designers should get on board with this new and innovative style.

Digital Marketing will continue to be a smart choice for the new year:

Whether you are considering a CMS WordPress site or a custom one-of-a-kind design, the top SEO marketing companies are still leaning toward new and interesting content and building relevant links for digital marketing and to develop site credibility.  Hiring a professional writer to provide original articles which increases the site owner’s brand, and building relevant links will serve you well into the new year.  These two techniques will  keep the reader’s interest, and provide new content, new  sources and a new perspective.

How Inside Design Orlando uses link building to drive ROI (Return On Investment):

As a company, Inside Design Orlando uses back linking to bring our company credibility forward in real-time and to increase our ROI. To create a WOW factor we are always excited to show off our new work by linking to new sites we have just created. Our target audience can see first hand that our work is current and that we are using the latest smart technology.  It is our opinion that all web design companies should do this to make the consumer comfortable that they are indeed, choosing a reputable design firm.

Adding new original content is still first in keeping us competitive:

It is always hard to stay ahead of the competition. People always have a choice which purchasing goods and services.  We are not perfect for all but do our best to keep our reputation honest and provide the best quality product available.  We encourage our entire staff toward continuing education which keeps us relevant and offers the consumer a real reason to consider us. Filling our pages with great content related to methods trending and those that really work for ROI will continue to be the smart technology required for a successful website.


The best idea for businesses to stay competitive is to stay current with our ever-changing technology.  Site Pro News is a website that we refer to our clients who enjoy managing their own sites.
Have a great holiday just ahead and hurry back for more from the “Design Wizards.”
Merry Christmas
Staff Writer, Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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