Developing a medical website using elements needed for success

Feb 8, 2015

Medical WebsitesAs medical website developers, we recognize the need for several elements which will lead to success.  Along with using Smart Technology for the site creation, there are other elements which may be considered, such as the “patient portal” for better patient-provider communication.

Benefits of a patient portal on medical websites:

The patient portal allows a secure online connection from any location in the world. This gives patients easy 24 hour access to information regarding their health.  The patient is issued a secure username and password and can view content as they wish.  They can check on lab results, schedule non-urgent appointments, check on their doctor benefits, insurance coverage accepted and more.  It is widely thought that a patient portal can increase patient involvement, and improve overall patient outcome. The federal government has discussed the patient portal as a necessary part of the future for physicians to implement.  Learn about the requirements of the EHR Patient Portal .

FAQ page:

Developing a page called FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a great advantage for SEO (search engine optimization).  Search engines love to scan this page since it offers great information for end users. It also helps the visitors to your site know more about your requirements for medical service. This page is one of the top requests for new design layout this year.

Forms/Documents page:

Another crucial page for medical sites is the forms page (sometimes called “documents).” Medical clients use a forms page to publish PDF documents and fill-able forms, allowing the patient the ability to complete these forms prior to the office visit. This saves time for both the patient and medical facility. With this done beforehand, the patient can get in quickly and enjoy a better office experience. The “forms” page also alerts the patient to anything they may need to bring to the office appointment such as proof of insurance, and monies which may be needed for those things not covered by insurance.  Many doctor offices do require payment up front (choosing to submit your claim after payment has been made).

Physician CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Most experienced medical providers list their accomplishments on their resumes in a specialized form called a “Curriculum Vitae.”  This is normally featured on the physician’s page called “providers, or about us.” The CV is a list of accomplishments and degrees earned as it relates to their specific medical expertise. This is an impressive way to introduce each physician to the visiting public.

How important are testimonial letters and community involvement?

Before choosing medical services, we are seeing that more and more clients are educated and looking for feedback. Testimonials help them to make an informed decision and serve to develop a sense of trust. Therefore, we suggest that you include a few of your best reviews on your new website. Additional content based upon your community efforts such as walking for breast cancer awareness and/or raising funds for other medical issues can also play a part in building your brand. Both of these will serve as proof of your relevance in the medical community you serve.

What about social media and blogging?

This is a huge component to show relevance in today’s busy web environment. Many of our medical providers are reporting that they have generated new leads through their company social media links. Whether you choose Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media platforms, we do caution you that each of your social accounts must be kept up to date with new content regularly.  Older content will lower your rank. Along with social media content, blogging is (as always) key in building SEO (search engine optimization). We cannot state strongly enough how important it is to keep the blog content new and fresh. Creative headlines and interesting content will (in time) elevate your site to one of authority.
Contact the Design Wizards for your next medical website.  We look forward to working with you to earn your trust and respect and we’ll partner with you to make sure your vision is reflected in the new design. Payment schedules and budgets are available to suit most budgets.
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