Windows Computers gets hit with huge cyber attack on 03/11/15

Mar 12, 2015

All of us are on pins and needles as we brace for cyber attacks which are definitely on the rise. On Tuesday,  of this week, millions of Windows users around the world experienced a huge cyber attack.  The sad reality is that many of our clients are still using Windows products and woke up to this nightmare. Although we have several Windows computers,  most of us have changed over to Apple, some time back. We may consider donating our Windows computers to charity. It is just not good business sense to keep them around with these hacking incidents increasing around the globe, and Windows products seem to be the most vulnerable.

How vulnerable are Apple Products to Cyber Attack?

Apple products are also vulnerable and Apple has announced they will be introducing a “fix” next week for one of the vulnerabilities identified.  As business owners we must constantly weigh the importance of how to choose the best tools to use in our daily operations.  The truth is there is no guarantee that any of us can be completely safe online.  Staying pro-active and continually staying on top of industry news is the safest way to protect our online businesses. Countries around the world are being impacted by these hackers who spend their time developing new programs to harm us. Although we are hearing from many clients that they are considering changing to Apple products, this is still no guarantee that an attack can be avoided. The new reality is that no matter what step we take, there will always be someone out there spending time to come up with new hacking methods.  Windows users are having a hard time trying to decide which is the best option since there are no permanent fixes. The money needed to change systems from Windows to Apple is costly, but so is the costs associated with IT services. One of the companies we deal with is reporting today that they have over 150 computers which have been brought in for service due to this latest attack. Unfortunately, this is necessary for Windows owners to get back up and running.
The team at Apple and Google are reporting that they are releasing patches this week to fix an outdated encryption key which was used in millions of older devices to include smartphones. This old key will leave these clients vulnerable to hackers as the user attempts to access websites. Stay tuned and we’ll report on any news we receive which might help our visitors stay safe. Although Apple Computers and devices seem to be less vulnerable, the hackers will continue to work to find a way to cause havoc.  In this environment, no one is safe.

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