Google ranking defines social media and responsive design as the new normal

Mar 18, 2015

Google Search Engine requirementsGoogle gave plenty of warning to site owners last year that websites should be re-designed and updated to be responsive and mobile friendly. Developing social media accounts and including them in the website hierarchy, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc., is also a new trend that is proving to be valuable for website ranking. A Google news release dated March 13, 2015 is doubling up on this by sending another friendly reminder. The Google giant is now ranking mobile-friendly sites by using a ranking signal and this will affect all. Those site owners not complying will be weeded out of the top sites to be found in a  Google search. 

Mobile viewership is driving the online market:

Older, outdated sites are quickly becoming obsolete and out of touch with today’s new users. Smart phones and other devices are now being used by eighty percent of us.  Apps and App related information is now also being found in search results. This new standard has been put to the test and the model is working well. To enjoy continued success online, each website owner must embrace this new reality.

How is website ranking affected by regular Google updates and changes?

Google algorithm fluctuations affect SEO professionals first. As we update the look of the site, the site SEO requirements cannot be ignored. Most companies are hiring professionals (content writers and bloggers). These are the individuals who are tasked with keeping site content original, relevant and current with all search engine updates. They are our essential news reporters that attract the target audience by using content strategies that work.  They know and understand this by attending continuing SEO classes. We do have a list of professionals available upon request. You may find other professionals by doing a Google search in your area.

How important is fresh new page content?

Google can easily identify low quality and/or old content which has been online for a long period of time, populating the site. We suggest that clients re-write the content at least once a year to keep the content new and fresh. This will prevent a low ranking by major search engines. No more is it ok to use “content farms” offering poorly written content to populate the pages of the website.  The new ranking software used by top search engines like Google are identifying this low quality content and dismissing this as SPAM.
First impressions are everything. It is high time to examine the competition. We are suggesting that you search for top sites (competitors) and see what is working with the site.  What do you like about the site and how does your own site compare?

Prepare a competitive analysis by asking these questions:

  • Is the design of the site pleasing and functional?
  • How user-friendly is the site navigation?
  • Does the site use meta tags correctly to provide overall usability?
  • Is the page content effective for their unique marketing strategy?
  • How does your site stack up and compare, based upon the smart technology of today?

Conclusion (after competitive analysis):

Site Re-DesignEvery site owner should evaluate their needs based upon today’s new designs, new coding techniques and marketing strategies that work. If, after comparing your current site to others, you feel your site could use a refresh or update, contact one of our Design Wizards to offer options for change. A new responsive design presentation will represent you to all internet users.  Don’t miss out on customers you could have today. Contact us to discuss a new website or a new re-design of your current site.
Have a great week ahead and hurry back for more from the design wizards of Inside Design Orlando.
by SEO Specialist (Guest Blogger)


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