Converting to a multilingual website to drive higher search results

Mar 28, 2015

It is time to raise the bar, and reach a larger audience. Savvy owners are now doing this by considering new global strategies. In years past we were stuck with English-language websites since a large part of our consumers connected with English.  Times they are changing and now we are able to connect all over the world through multilingual website design. The sky is the limit, but attracting global business also means speaking their language. We’ll need to provide a website in the language of our new prospects. Translating content is not just a courtesy, but a smart marketing strategy. It is now being embraced by many savvy business owners. Keeping that competitive edge calls for this new level of connectivity.  To start the process, we must first decide upon the global market who will best embrace your product or service.

Identify your target audience by asking these questions:

  1. Which country is most inclined to purchase from you?
  2. What language do they speak?

Partnering with a professional language expert:

Content translation means you’ll be changing an entire website to target one audience and one country.  If your goods and services are most compatible with China (as an example) you would be converting your website content to Chinese using the Mandarin language. Before making this step it is important to partner with a professional content translation service. By not doing this you may be putting yourself in a precarious position and may incorrectly translate the language of Chinese which has many nuances.  Only a professional can translate this correctly.

How to locate translators for the job:

You can locate these professionals online and by contacting other companies who may have used them in the past. Ask a competitor or business similar to your own who they recommend. After locating a professional, ask to see their references.  You can’t be too careful. When you don’t speak the language you must trust the professional to represent your company abroad. Protect your reputation by choosing wisely.
One failure which is familiar to most of us is what happened to “Pepsi Cola.” They decided to go global with China and used translation software which was not the best choice. They did not hire a professional.  The catchy phrase they were using as an advertising slogan which was “Come Alive” was incorrectly translated in Chinese to “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead.” ….. pretty funny but this could happen to you.


As you start the process for converting the site to another language, hire a professional translator, pay the price and be right the first time.  This will insure the best outcome.
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