New design methods bring higher website conversion rates

Apr 28, 2015

Let’s discuss conversion rate and what it means to your online success. Website conversion rate measures the number of customers visiting your site that actually go on to purchase a product or service.  You can increase your conversion rate exponentially by having a great looking website which is functional, beautifully put together and easy to use. This type of website will always attract a higher number of visitors and thus generate a higher conversion rate. It is basic human nature to feel more confident buying online from a better looking website which is user-friendly and well-designed.

Mobile Use

Mobile Use

Since Google changed their algorithm on April 21, 2015, using responsive design strategy to re-design websites is a must. Consumers are now interacting on mobile devices up to 67% of the time as reported by “Site Pro News.” Because of this, older sites which were not developed on a mobile platform are quickly becoming obsolete.  Further, Google is no longer listing these older sites in Google searches.  Many companies are experiencing lower traffic and are looking to upgrade to a mobile-friendly site.
Once the site is published, a well-designed website would not be complete without hiring a great content writer to keep the site populated with interesting content. We provide our clients with a list of independent contractors available to write content and also to arrange blogging services. If the client is familiar with blogging themselves they also can consider a “guest blogger” from time to time to offer a new perspective to followers.
It is great to consider building a following using Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest, or other social media accounts. Whatever your pleasure, adding these links to your website will build brand awareness and propel you toward SEO nirvana if they are maintained well. Every link is followed by search engine bots that scan the site and you are graded based upon the last update.  Social media links can help or hurt your site visibility based upon how you maintain them.  Building a social following is great but it does require maintenance on the part of every site owner.
It is clear when we hear from clients around the country that many of them do not grasp the importance of the new smart technology or the need to update their websites. They are busy running their business, and once they have a website online (even if it is several years old) many of them consider this should be enough. It is only when they suddenly realize a competitor or others are getting more traffic that they call us to discuss a site re-design.
Many clients feel we can quickly change their current site to a mobile-friendly site by flipping a switch, bringing them more traffic. This is not the case, and it is our job to get them up to speed on  what is required for new design methods, and how long it will take to make the change. Many of our clients have been using an old site for years and are not familiar with the new functionality and improved elements which can be implemented on their new re-design. Once we introduce them to the new choices available, they usually become excited and look forward to improving their brand. We find that educating our clients is just as important as actually doing the work. We look forward to the new journey ahead and becoming a part of their future success.
Contact us to learn more about choices for design and re-design.
Jean Holland-Rose is a an SEO strategist for over 200 websites nationwide. She is responsible for assisting clients to maximize their online presence through her proven marketing strategies and search engine optimization methodology.  She is passionate about blogging and reporting only the truth. She encourages continuing SEO education and staying on top of Google algorithm changes. Learn more about Jean and the design wizards at 


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