Social media versus Google advertising

Jun 7, 2015

Google advertising solutionsMany clients ask us how social media marketing strategies stack up against Google Advertisements. Although we prefer blogging as a first choice, many clients would prefer to buy paid advertisements from Google or work on developing their social media network. We have found through experience that Google does drive more traffic to the website as opposed to Facebook, or other social media accounts. The advantage of using Google advertising solutions directly is that the client can control how much they spend and stick to a budget for search engine promotion.  This is a choice of many start-up companies. The downside to this experiment of course is that the larger companies have an unlimited budget for promotion and can outbid a smaller company.
Social media requires you to spend time updating each and every social media account such as Facebook, Linkedin and others. The fastest return on investment is still hiring a professional blogger and having them post fresh and original thought three to four times each month.  These writing gurus attract a following and build a brand quickly and efficiently.

Our top three choices for website promotion are:

  1. Writing original blog articles.
  2. Paid ads from Google
  3. Social media networking

It is always best to stick to honest, tried and true methods (listed above) to promote your brand.  Typically, if your content quality is not up to par, your site may not rank within the first two pages of Google. This is a real problem since most users don’t go past the first two pages in the Google search results. Search engines still have the edge on driving traffic so we suggest that you simply concentrate on providing great content for readers and make algorithm changes as necessary such as the recent  mobile-friendly update. Smart technology will become even more widely used in the years to come so the dominant design will remain the mobile-friendly platform.

Building an authority website:

Building your website brand to be one of authority should be a goal for every business, small or large. Look at other avenues to market your brand other than online solutions. Consider media ads, TV, Radio and other opportunities to get your brand noticed.  The only constant is “change” and we will need to change to compete.  Staying competitive online and in other markets is as basic as having a business name. We all must compete to stay relevant in business.  There are no shortcuts ahead, There is room for all businesses and each of us have our own unique offering.  Continuing education and networking will bring new opportunities our way this year.
Stay connected and hurry back for more!

Jean Holland-Rose is the Chief Creative Officer overseeing brand development and graphic design for Inside Design Orlando. She is also an SEO strategist for many websites nationwide, assisting clients to maximize their online presence through her proven marketing and SEO strategies. She encourages continuing SEO education and is passionate about new smart technologies. Learn more about Jean and the design wizards of InsideDesignOrlando by browsing our website.



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