Google's new "direct buy button" for paid ads

Jun 30, 2015

Over the next few weeks we have learned that Google will be introducing a new feature called a “Direct Buy Button.”  Unfortunately, although it will certainly benefit those using paid ads through Google, it will not be included on any organic listings. The “Direct Buy Now” button will link directly to the individual items for sale. It does not encourage the visitor to visit a website, as the organic listings do, but instead prompts the visitor to simply “click to buy” items shown on the Google paid advertisement. This may negatively impact those who would otherwise visit your website and create a lasting relationship.  You could lose traffic but only time will tell how this will impact business represented only in organic listings.  Staying pro-active by improving your online presence and adding valuable marketing content regularly will help to offset any negative campaigns.  It is more important now than ever before to stay on top of new SEO changes in order to maintain your  client base. Preparing for the future will safeguard your brand. Google will always change methods and the best we can do is to stay in the know.  Knowledge is power.
The 4th of July holiday is approaching and we hope all of you enjoy the day and festivities.

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Jean Holland-Rose is the Chief Creative Officer overseeing brand development and graphic design for Inside Design Orlando. She is also an SEO strategist for many websites nationwide, assisting clients to maximize their online presence through her proven marketing and SEO strategies. She encourages continuing SEO education and is passionate about new smart technologies. 
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