Scammers target millions claiming to be Google representatives

Aug 14, 2015

Beware of scam phone calls

Beware of scam phone calls

The latest scam which is being experienced by millions of users online is the automated or live call from an individual claiming to be a Google representative (which to some sounds legitimate). It is not! Google and their representatives do not place cold calls to advertise their services (automated or otherwise).
Google does not call you unless you have requested they call you.  The only exception would be if you are purchasing Google Ad Words and even then, when you call them back, it is hard to get through to the correct Google representative. Scammers prey upon those who are not savvy with Google’s methods. We remind all of our clients to read Site Pro News to discover just how to get listed on Google.

What is the origin of these unwanted calls?

Since Google has changed their algorithm in April of 2015, many website owners are suffering from lower traffic patterns. Unless the site is responsive and mobile-friendly, Google is no longer listing those sites in Google mobile searches. Unfortunately, scammers know this too and are targeting clients around the globe offering to increase SEO ranking. As busy as most of us are, there is nothing so frustrating as to answer a phone call from a stranger claiming they are a “Google Representative.” This scam has metastasized over the web and I’m sure most of you reading this have received that call.
I received an especially irritating one today asking me to press number one if I wanted to keep my Google placement and press number two if I did not. The next caller actually had my name and wanted to know if I was happy with my SEO placement.  I then asked him if he knew the name of our website ….. there was a long pause and then the line went dead. The following rules apply to Google

  • Google does not call to update or to increase your Google listing
  • Google does not contact you regarding a “free” website
  • Google does not have a representative call you for any reason
  • Google does not alert you of unauthorized activity on your website
  • Google does not guarantee any placement for organic search results.

How to get rid of them quickly:

Ask them for their Google ID number and this might help get them off the line. Ask for their full name and address.You will probably be rid of them at that point. This all makes me so sad since there are many of our clients who are not web savvy and are prime targets for these bottom feeders.  Since search engine optimization have become important to gain traffic, these scams are popping up everywhere. Those trying to make a quick buck off of people unaware are the worst type of humanity.  I would love to protect our clients from these scam artists but as soon as one is gone, another pops up.
Stay safe and pro-active by reading and by staying current with the many changes in technology. Thanks for stopping by, stay safe and enjoy the last days of summer…
Have a great week and hurry back for more.
Jean Holland-Rose, SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando


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