Building brand credibility using valid customer referrals

Aug 23, 2015

Client Feedback is Valuable

Client Feedback is Valuable

Customer referral letters are among the top tools that we use for credibility online. As we all work hard each day to do our best, the most treasured response we can receive is a testimonial from a client stating that we met and exceeded their expectations as a design company.
Client testimonials are especially important for small businesses just getting started. These word of mouth referrals shout to the world that you are reliable and a safe choice to be considered. Other forms of advertising methods such as social media campaigns, tv, and radio, are also encouraged. Use every tool available to you as you are building your brand relevance. It is also a great idea to add a “client feedback form” to the company website to attract positive comments and to learn areas that might need improvement.

The power of the testimonial letter:

As the internet gives us the power to connect with many potential buyers around the globe, it is only natural that we all want to brag about our successful projects. However, It is always better for someone else to blow our horn. The question most often asked is how the visitor knows that the testimonial is real. Most fake testimonials can be spotted easily. Use only credible referrals which can be verified. You may also mention on your site that other referrals are available upon request. For the new business owner, client testimonials have the power to remove all doubt as to our value and brand credibility.

Tips to follow when posting testimonials on your site:

  • Professionalism requires that you ask permission before using the referral
  • Use the customer’s full name if they allow this. Initials will also work.
  • Adding the name of a city helps to keep it believable as well.
  • You could put a small picture of the client next to the testimonial if they are ok with this
  • Some of our associates use video testimonials. Have the client speak from the heart rather than to read a script.
  • Do not add a live link to the client’s actual website since this will lower the site conversion rate.

If you feel you have done an awesome job on a project it is perfectly ok to ask for a letter of recommendation. Most clients will be happy to provide this and you’ll increase your brand credibility.  Hurry back for more next time from our design wizards at Inside Design Orlando…. and by the way please read our treasured testimonials to know that we go above and beyond for all clients.  Their success is our greatest reward.

Jean Holland-Rose is the Chief Creative Officer overseeing brand development and graphic design for Inside Design Orlando. She is also an SEO strategist for many websites nationwide, assisting clients to maximize their online presence through her proven marketing and SEO strategies. She encourages continuing SEO education and is passionate about new smart technologies.


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