SEO scams, black hat companies and ads to avoid

Sep 1, 2015

Black Hat SEO companies scamming clients

Black Hat SEO companies scamming clients

Most business owners are first and foremost focused heavily on how they can get their site found by customers searching the web. This can be a dangerous state of mind since these site owners can easily be manipulated and sold unethical products from what we call “Black Hat” companies. Most of us are receiving so many  offers by email, by phone and by snail mail, that it is difficult to gage what is ok and what is a scam.  These bottom feeders make millions of dollars off the backs of those who are not familiar with current SEO methods. In other words, “What you don’t know can get you into big trouble.” These unethical companies can quickly get your site banned by Google. They use unprofessional SEO methods which are not allowed in an attempt to game the system.

Avoid Scammers by understanding current SEO techniques:

Don’t become prey. Take  the time to learn a bit about SEO so you can deal with any offers you receive from a place of knowledge. Millions of new sites are launched daily.  Every Google search brings many results and with time and with the right SEO methods being used, your site will be among those results found. Most of the customers searching the web rarely go beyond the first page of the search results and your goal is to be listed in this first group. These are the results that search engines rank highest.

Organic versus paid listings:

As you search Google you will notice the “organic listings” will appear on the left column of the search results and the “paid listings” will normally appear on the right. A paid advertisement stays available until the amount paid for the ad runs out.  What you should know is that these search results change like the wind.  When new content is published, the other search results are measured against the new entries. Newer entries replace older entries ….and so it goes.

What content should be published regularly?

What’s happening in the industry “now” is the content worth a higher listing. This is key to building site rank. Trending news will not only elevate the site value, but will also keep the search engines coming back over and over again to list new content. Each new post published is the equivalent to adding a new page to the website. Over time, the site will become an “authority website.”  This type of site will always receive the top billing with search engine bots. Authority websites are the ones that serve to attract new traffic and in turn, increase site conversion rate.

Our design methods include basic SEO:

If you hire us to design and develop your site, our process is to educate you on the basics of good SEO practices. it does take time for your site to be listed in search engine data bases. No site is an overnight success. As we publish and launch your brand new site we make sure the site is search-engine friendly and has the basic meta language behind the scenes (in the html source code) on all pages of the site. Moving forward, after we launch, it then becomes your responsibility to stay up to date with new SEO changes.

Avoid scammers, learn DIY search engine optimization

Avoid scammers, learn DIY search engine optimization

DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO techniques:

One of the best reasons to do this yourself is to keep “black-hat” SEO individuals from adding content to the site which could be considered unethical.  Sooner or later, the search engines will punish your site for having this unwarranted content and your site will suffer the consequences. We always tell our clients that we value the content they add since no one knows their business better.  The DIY approach give you the complete freedom to add the content which is most valuable to those searching for you. The top reason for learning search engine optimization methods is to avoid the false SEO individuals who may take advantage of what you don’t know.. You’ll save money, and have no need to hire outside. There are many tutorials online that can keep you current with the latest SEO methods.  If you have the time to spend to keep your site content current , it will benefit you greatly.
An important part of building your online business is to become familiar with search engine optimization.  More and more customers are shopping online and knowing this will enable you to build your brand and stay clear of those that would take advantage of you.  Live it, learn it and love it … great success will follow.
This post is provided by a Guest Blogger for Inside Design Orlando.  Hurry back for more next time.


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