Holiday marketing opportunities build brand awareness (part one)

Oct 3, 2015

This year seemed to fly by and can you believe it …we are already into October. Many of us are already in a buying mood, and browsing websites to find early holiday savings. Knowing this should motivate any website owner to prepare their websites early enough to capture this business.  Here are a few tips to follow for successful holiday sales.

What type of discounts or savings should be considered?

Holiday specials must be worth it to those searching for savings. Go big or go home …The more you offer, the more offers you will receive.

  • If your current hosting company does not offer a statistics program, then it is time to change hosting companies. Website statistics are crucial for developing a marketing strategy.
  • Check your statistics: Find out where the majority of holiday traffic came from last year (how many conversions). Work toward a higher number of conversions this year.
  • Plan on sending several email marketing campaigns during the holiday season to include Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Offer big savings.
  • If you can afford a new landing page designed specifically for holiday traffic, good for you…. this could pay for itself with the right ads.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.  If the site is not, contact the developer and make the change quickly.  80% of new business comes from mobile users.
  • Blog more than usual during the holiday season. Discuss posting frequency with the team. Prepare two to three posts as drafts to have them ready to publish quickly.
  • Posting less than three to four times per month can be damaging for holiday traffic. Others may post more frequently. The more you post, the more traffic is driven your way.
  • Hiring a guest blogger during the holidays will bring extra dividends your way and offer a new perspective on topics covered. This is a great investment.
  • Don’t forget to update all social media accounts with holiday posts (offer savings here too). Use Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts available.If

If your plate is too full or you have no time to develop marketing strategies or to prepare email campaigns for the holidays, please let us know. Our team at Inside Design Orlando can assist you during the holidays.  Our independent marketing professionals are here to partner with you, representing your brand. Don’t let this special time of the year pass without making an attempt to attract new traffic your way.  Enjoy the fall season and get prepared for the holidays early.
Thanks for stopping by … stay tuned for part two next time.
Staff Writer, Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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