Happy Thanksgiving from Inside Design Orlando

Nov 21, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all of you:  As the holiday approaches, we hope all of you will stay safe and keep an eye out for those who would harm us. Above all, take the time to be thankful for your many blessings and enjoy special moments with family and friends.  A special congrats to Dreamscapes Pools and Spas in Central Florida on their new site launch. Their new site is mobile-friendly, responsible and offers more functionality for current and future clients. Another beautiful site by Inside Design Orlando.

New IdeasTechnology moves forward:

The many geniuses of technology will go on. To curtail or stop the advancement of new ideas and technology would be to stop who we are as a people. As web designers we also face new attacks regularly from hackers having nothing better to do than to cause trouble. We deal with the annoyances by learning about new technologies. To stop learning would mean the bad actors would prevail and our business would close.

How Telegram’s public channel was used during the Paris attacks

Since the attack in Paris, last week, we are faced with the age-old question of privacy versus protection? Durov, the CEO of the application called “Telegram” discovered that his app was used by terrorists to communicate off the grid and carry out the Paris attacks. Law enforcement had no way to track them. He has also seen that his new creation introduced in early 2013, is also being used to spread the terrorist hate-filled propaganda. This is the perfect example of unintended consequences.
Although Durov has started immediately blocking ISIS accounts and channels across 12 languages, he is still under the assumption that our right for privacy matters (even though some may use it for bad reasons.) The Telegram app uses end-to-end encryption which means that messages self-destruct, they cannot be forwarded, and leave no trace. Law Enforcement is now tasked with finding ways around this encryption method as we debate the obvious, do we want privacy or protection?  As a free society, we must be prepared for both good and bad. How we deal with the bad will define our future.
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