How to stay ahead of the competition at the holidays: SEO Strategy

Dec 14, 2015

Staying ahead of the competition requires we continue to add great content to our websites even during the holiday season. if your budget allows, this is the perfect time to consider guest bloggers for a fresh perspective and to increase SEO rank. Web consumers have demonstrated their preferences and the blog material is still on  top of the list and crucial for positive SEO results.  Regular postings, offering dynamic content is the only way to keep consumers engaged. Use creative language along with visuals to build interest.

Blog tips for creating a more dynamic blog post:

  • Create dynamic blog posts which are image based
  • Readers are visual and appreciate image based content
  • Aim for more content this year (500 words or more)
  • Write about “trending” topics of interest (news in real-time)
  • Sign up with magazines online which offer current news reports
  • Report on latest industry developments (research, etc.)
  • Advertise any special savings throughout the year
  • Add videos about the blog topic when available
  • Create a great FAQ page and link to this page to answer questions
  • Add “share this” social media links for those wishing to share post content
  • Use SEO optimization software to optimize the completed post
  • Verify all outbound links by giving credit to the author
  • Create several header tags for a better reading experience

Refreshing old contentStaying current with all pages of the website:

Above and beyond the blogging efforts, we must not neglect the other pages of the website. Refreshing and updating the old page content is always a plus and will quickly be noticed by search engines. Another method is to study your competitor’s website and notice the methodology.

Check out the competitor’s website:

When checking the competition websites, look at those that exhibit better ranking on search engines. Compare how they use header tags, image links, social media and other elements which may bring about a positive result. Make a note of how many outbound links are present throughout the site. Are they informational links or could they be reciprocal links?  A reciprocal link is one that links both ways. We link to them and they link back to us. This is the highest ranking link.
Ask great websites to consider a reciprocal linking partnership with you to improve your linking strategy. Work on your own site to implement the methods which may not be there now.  Learn the difference between in-bound and out-bound marketing strategies. Over time, you will become more proficient with SEO techniques that work for you. Building your brand is an ongoing project and as long as the search engines change strategies, we too, must stay abreast of these changes. Leaving our chances to fate is not a strategy.  Stay ahead of the competition by working hard to offer news and views which will interest your target audience.

Reviewing the competitor’s html source code:

website source codeYou can manually review the competitor’s website by reviewing the website html source code. Depending upon what computer you are using will determine the method to access the source code. Follow instructions provided in your computer manual. Once you have gained access, you will want to compare the factors there, such as keywords, description and other meta language found in the site source code. Find out what may or may not be pointing to a positive or negative SEO result.

Shopping for special children (our gift to others):

Our design team has chosen a few children referred to us from our local Salvation Army who need our help this year. This group of children are called the “forgotten angels.”  They will have some great surprises under their tree on Christmas day (thanks to a few of santa’s elves here at the office.) It was an honor to be a part of their holiday.

Christmas 2015 Website Savings:

Our Christmas savings package is available to new clients for only $1,295 and is available until the new year. This package includes a five page WordPress platform which is responsive and mobile-friendly. Contact us to discuss other options for design. We look forward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas 2015We are especially thankful to all of our clients and visitors who have made our year complete.  That means “you.” We wish all of you a safe and happy holiday.
Jean Holland-Rose is the Chief Creative Officer overseeing brand development and graphic design for Inside Design Orlando. She is also an SEO strategist for many websites nationwide, assisting clients to maximize their online presence through her proven marketing and SEO strategies.


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