Google’s Quality Evaluator Guidelines for website page content

Jan 15, 2016

Search GoogleTo stay current with the new Google Quality Evaluator Guidelines, website owners strive to improve website page quality. This is key to the new guidelines. To get the site noticed, and to make sure your site’s content is ranked as high-quality, some rules must be followed. More popular content will always receive a higher rank than content less likely to be in a Google search.  For example, information regarding real estate is more likely to show up in a Google search as opposed to best pet photos. High-quality content answers questions from readers, offers on-going education, and last but not least, continually adds great content worth reading throughout the year.

YMYL (Your Money or Your Life)

This is a term that Google uses to describe the importance of page content regarding health, happiness or wealth.  An example of YMYL page content might be a real estate page, a financial page, or an e-commerce page, one that allows the user to make a purchase, look for sales, etc.  Content writers for this type of site should be cautious, since Google researchers will definitely check for factual language. Outdated info, spelling or grammatical mistakes are quickly given a lower rank.

Webpage ContentEAT (Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness)

This acronym represents a standard to determine high-quality content which represents the more seasoned writer. This is a writer who is experienced and/or educated on a higher level. They are able to attract end users based upon the compelling content they provide. Expert journalists or those who write for a living often fall within this guideline. Content based upon legal, medical or financial information does require more experience and expertise. information on these page should be re-edited whenever factual information changes in real-time. This information may be more detailed and might require a writer with expertise and certification based upon the material being published.
Google is quick to note that it is not mandatory for a person to be known as an expert writer to produce high-quality content. Less formal content such as content on topics such as fashion, humor and the like, although not as detailed, may still be considered high-level content if it creates interest and draws a following. Whether the writer has a formal or informal education, as long as the content is useful, compelling and accurate, it can achieve a high-quality rank. There are many forums online which help those interested in improving their writing technique.

Professional content writerWriting your own content versus hiring a professional writer:

When we sign up a new website client, many of them feel they can easily write the page content. This may or may not be true.  We have found that a few of them do need to hire one of our content writers to save time and to provide the best content for each page. The search engines are suggesting that the maximum amount of words for the home page should be about 300. They suggest about 350 words for content  rich subsequent pages. Partnering with a content writer is a great choice for some of our clients who just want to provide a few facts and turn it over to the writer. We feel that no one knows the business better than the business owner.  Therefore the partnership between the writer and the site owner is best of both worlds. Together they can come up with great content, filled with marketing messages and kept to a minimum for search engines. If you need a referral for a few great content writers, we have  a list of independent contractors available for you.
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