How the mobile phenomenon is impacting consumer experience in 2016

Feb 1, 2016

With the increase in the purchase of mobile devices, our online shopping experience has forever changed. No matter where we are in the world, at work, in our car, at the mall, or at home, we are now constantly connected to our mobile devices. This offers buying opportunities day and night and this mobile advantage has greatly improved the overall user experience.

online buyingHow SEO has been impacted by mobile devices:

Google and other top search engines were quick to notice the increase in mobile use. Their marketing strategy changed in April of 2015 to correspond with this new mobile revolution to assist consumer search. Algorithm changes were implemented and Google began removing non-mobile websites from the mobile search results.  Older sites who refused to have their sites re-designed using mobile-friendly, responsive programming were left behind. These business owners were complaining that their traffic patterns were declining with this new change. For Google however, the popularity of the consumer experience is all that matters. The concerns of the business community go unnoticed.

How business brands and social media have changed their marketing plan:

All business brands, including those with brick and mortar locations have had to embrace this new mobile phenomenon. It has not been easy, since many of them preferred to stay with the status quo. Social media too, has been impacted. The social media world reacted quickly by creating new mobile ad campaigns. This helped to attract these mobile consumers, and the rest is history. Going forward we all must recognize that mobile use is here to stay. As business entrepreneurs, and social media leaders, we must stay ahead of this new normal, by embracing these changes and implementing them to serve those who find us online.

Voice search is becoming more popular:

it is no secret that “voice search” is becoming more and more popular among mobile users.  As this technology improves this year, we may begin to notice a change in the Google algorithms once again. This new method of talking out loud and stating specifically what is needed, will slowly but surely outweigh the importance of typing in key words. Experience is telling us that this may well be the next  big thing to impact online searches so stay tuned for more change on the horizon.

mobile shoppingMobile phenomenon conclusion:

The majority of consumers in 2016 do prefer to search and shop on mobile devices, this is the new normal. Contact us ASAP to provide you with a proposal for a website that is fully mobile-friendly and optimized for today’s smart shoppers. We offer many design packages and our pricing for new design fits most budgets. We would be honored to be considered for your next website project.

News around the office:

We have rescued a small dog whose name is Sapphire. She is part Maltese. She was abused by her past owner and we are all happy to welcome Sapphire to our design family.  She’ll have more than enough TLC here at our shop. She is a very little girl (only ten pounds). She is well-behaved, trained, and delights in meeting our new clients with a sweet disposition.  We hope that more people will embrace adopting a “rescue dog” rather than shopping at puppy mills.  Please visit the pet rescue website at to check out the wonderful companions available to adopt..
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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Office & SEO Professional


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