How to critique your website for SEO elements?

Feb 20, 2016

SEO ProfessionalsI think we would all agree that keeping our website updated with current SEO methods will increase our rank with Google. Unfortunately, we are all overwhelmed by the constant stream of new information. Google and top search engines are notorious for changing the rules, so we are all vulnerable. Faced with normal day-to-day business needs, many entrepreneurs of a small business simply ignore this requirement, while larger companies who have marketing budgets, hire SEO professionals.

Should site owners be involved at all or seek professional help?

I do think it is important that every business owner should make an effort to learn the basics of SEO.  If time is an issue, a suggestion might be for the business owner to choose an employee to get involved. We do offer hourly training sessions for those employees who wish to learn the basics. Contact our office to ask about our availability. We support the choice to hire a professional, because we realize that the number of websites competing for attention is staggering. Professional bloggers work to build website traffic and attract visitors to the site. They build relationships with the audience, gain regular readership, and provide quality content, specific to each industry.

Professional bloggerDeveloping an authority website using experts to blog:

Building an authority website requires a lot of hard work by the blogger on behalf of the business owner.  Once the search engines see consistency, or a pattern of great content (over time) your site will be elevated to one of “authority.”  This rank will be rewarded. As an “authority website” your site will hold a higher value with top search engines. Expert bloggers are writers who have established themselves in the SEO industry as an expert in the field. This might include authors, writers and others who are knowledgeable on specific topics. Some businesses are going one step further and actually hiring SEO experts to be a part of their staff.  Companies around the country are finally getting it.  SEO is here to stay and those most prepared will get the best results.

Here is a list of items we consider when critiquing a website:

  • Website should be re-designed as new bells and whistles are available
  • Refresh page content at least once a year
  • Check all content for accuracy and truthfulness
  • Add a few new changing images for a new dramatic appearance
  • Consider improving the advertising slogan and call to action elements
  • Ask the client if they have set up any new social media accounts
  • Make sure all social media accounts are updated and current
  • Remove any employees who have left and add new employees
  • Add new payment methods / Include special savings to benefit users
  • Make sure the blogging articles are current and informative
  • Inform client of any new requirements for SEO
  • Repair any broken links and look for 404 errors.  re-direct to proper page
  • Check the loading speed and make suggestions for improvement
  • Run both a manual and automatic security scan on the website
  • Update any security requirements and install any new backup software
  • Update all website plugins and check the latest backup for malware
  • Update any contact information which has changed
  • Re-do any forms or resources that are different

These are only a few of the items we deal with each day to keep your website relevant and current for online traffic.  Depending upon your webmaster is crucial as you look for top website results.  A website critique is necessary to keep you running smoothly.  We hope you all have a great weekend and hurry back next time for more news from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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