How important are organic listings for SEO rank?

Feb 27, 2016

When searching on Google, the search results you’ll notice first are most likely going to be the organic listings since they appear in the left column. My feeling is that we notice the left column first because we read from left to right. Organic listings gain prominence based upon their content relevance and date posted. We are also noticing lately that Google is allowing social media advertisements to appear in the organic listings too.  This is another reason to keep your social accounts up to date with company specials and advertisements offering specific benefits to online buyers.  For local searches, another tool which can be used is getting your site listed on Google Map for targeting local customers.

Paid advertisements (listings in Google)

The right side of the search results will list “paid” advertisements.  The top paid listing goes to the highest bidder. Whoever pays the most, stays the longest.  Organic listings on the other hand keep rank based upon the latest content. experience shows us that it is human nature to click on the link which matches their search phrase and they are not going to click on every link shown.  The first few links are most likely going to get the highest number of people to click-through on these top links. Other pages within the site (if optimized properly) may also be listed in some of the top links.

Organic SearchesConclusion:

Organic listings are the first listings buyers see when they perform a search. Therefore, it is extremely important to develop consistent great content as we blog, which will be featured in these top links. Staying ahead of the competition requires a continual effort. To help out with this chore, we find that hiring an outside guest blogger will give you a break and at the same time provide different view points. Be consistent, be smart and become a part of the organic searches.
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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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