A minimalistic approach to web design dominates in 2016

Mar 26, 2016

Responsive DesignDesigners in 2016, will be implementing new responsive design methods, for ease of use on multiple platforms.
Some photos, will be replaced by illustrations, connecting the viewer in a more personal manner. These results will lead to a minimalistic approach to design. There are many new bells and whistles available this year to include new navigation menus. We’ll discuss a couple of those below which include the hamburger menu and the sticky menu.

Introducing the “hamburger menu” option for site navigation:

Although top and side menu options are still popular, the latest method is to use a “hamburger menu”  for navigational purposes. This menu consists of a few small lines placed vertically in the website header area. It is minimalistic and allows all pages to be displayed quickly with one click.  Our clients have shown mixed opinions about this new menu option. Change does not come easy for all.  Sometimes, using a method they feel more comfortable with is still the best choice.

The popular “sticky menu” option:

The “sticky menu” choice works by allowing easy access to your menu as you browse the content. As you read the content, the menu will follow and stay in the same spot as you scroll down the page. The sticky menu is always available at any place within the text and the reader does not have to scroll back and forth to the top of the page to navigate to another page or to read another part of the content. The sticky menu is a top choice with our clients.

One Page WebsiteDesign trends and the impact of new technology:

Most fads and trends come and go quickly. Updates should be based upon the needs of individual users and the specific business model of each company.
The exception would be responsive design strategy used for mobile design. The Mobilegeddon environment of today, is here to stay.  As of April of last year, all websites are having to conform to this new normal. It is now being reported widely, that eighty (80) percent of all users are now using some type of mobile device to search for and purchase goods and services.
Because mobile devices are reshaping how we now search the web, top search engines have adapted accordingly. Those clients who have refused to upgrade their site to mobile-friendly platforms are paying the price.  These outdated websites no longer receive the traffic they depended upon for their livelihood.  One by one they are answering the call to become mobile-friendly.
We encourage our clients and users to stay on top of updates as they become available. Staying pro-active and in the know will keep your site competitive and you can count on continued success.  Competition is fierce online and your website doubles as the face of your business.  Put your best face forward this year.  Learn more about responsive design strategy and stay current with new algorithm changes.
We hope all of you enjoy the Easter Holiday tomorrow and return to work renewed and rested.
Happy Easter
The design wizards and staff at Inside Design Orlando
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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