SEO Nirvana … a great landing page with stellar content and imagery (part one)

Apr 3, 2016

Landing page designIt is no secret that a great looking landing page will drive more business your way.  When searching Google for goods and services, the top websites are both visually appealing and feature content relevant to the target audience. When developing the landing page, special care must be taken to use appropriate graphics, colors, fonts and imagery. If you are researching why you are having issues with SEO rank, you might take a look at your landing page and consider improvement.

Great contentContent for the landing page:

Google is reporting that about  300 words of rich content works best for the landing page. Keep it brief but full of great keyword phrases which will be used in searches.  A bullet list is a creative way to feature your most requested services. When adding a video to the landing page, add relevant keywords to the video title bar.  The same goes for any images chosen. Take every opportunity to add content which helps your SEO ranking score.

Social connections and linking strategy:

Adding all social accounts such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others could help to improve the SEO rank.  However, be sure that each account is kept up to date with current information. Many clients have felt that simply adding the social icons to the landing page would help their SEO rank. This is not the case.  Each and every social media platform must be updated regularly. Search engines follow all links and this includes links to social media. Any social media accounts which are not kept up to date will hurt, not help your rank. Other resource links you add to the site should be selected carefully. Adding any link you find could actually hurt your ranking. The link added must be a high value link. Some links are considered “spam” links.  Find out what those are and avoid them. The following should apply:

  • The link content must be relevant to your service or industry
  • The webpage you are linking to should be stable and not be a temporary webpage
  • All outside links should open in a new browser window

The speed of the website … is this important?

If your site is sluggish and loads slowly, it could be a huge problem.  No one wants to wait around while a slow site loads.  Getting to your landing page quickly will make or break your site. Google is suggesting that your site should take only three seconds to load. Our solution is for our clients to sign up for a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to improve load time.  There are many choices online.  We recommend Blue Host. Improving the speed, will help site rank and at the same time, improve user experience. If you have a question regarding the speed of the site, you might contact your webmaster and ask them if they feel the server you are using is the right one.  Although a VPS server may be a bit more expensive than a shared server, paying more may be worth the price if only one new customer chooses your service.  Savvy consumers expect a quick loading site, and one that answers their questions in a timely manner.  There are a couple of elements which may slow down the website.  The list includes:

  • Large image files (optimize image size prior to adding the image to the site)
  • Embedded videos (keep videos to a minimum) optimize video files

Our conclusion:

As we discussed above, SEO Nirvana must be earned by working hard to identify and implement the best landing page design practices. The landing page is a consumer’s first look at your company. As with any company, the first impression is a lasting one. Stay tuned for part two on landing page design.
We wish you much success going forward this year.  Contact our team to discuss new design work or to discuss SEO concerns.
My best regards,
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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