SEO Nirana .. landing page design (part two)

Apr 10, 2016

Website WireframeAs we discussed in part one, a well-designed landing page will generate new business and encourage consumers to buy our product or service. The website conversion rate is impacted as well by good landing page design. The great look entices visitors to go further than just browsing the site. Great landing design coupled with CTAs, will trigger and convert visitors into actual buyers. We start our process by developing what we call a “wireframe.”  This is a representation of the home page design with elements chosen for user-friendliness and for optimum SEO results.

What are CTAs (call to action elements)?

Call to action elements are graphics, buttons or links that simply ask the visitor to do something. They are placed on the landing page to simply trigger a response (a click-through).  They entice the visitor to go further and to buy the product, sign up for an email list, or maybe just to read and learn more by clicking on a hyperlink. If you fail to add these CTAs to the landing page, your click-through rate will suffer and those finding and visiting the site, will simply be passing through.

Landing page design elements matter:

It is not enough to have the visitors learn about your product or service on your landing page.  You must convince them to purchase or sign up for more information. A clean and clear landing page design with a catchy headline and concise message speaks volumes. User-friendly landing pages that  feature the usability of a quick response form is proven to provide top results.  Placing the quick reply/response form on the right side of the landing page is suggested by top search engine gurus.  This form will generate more business for the site than to feature one reply/response form only on the contact page.  Adding a couple of amazing images will grab the viewer’s interest and encourage them to go further and browse the site. Using large images will add strength to any message so choose wisely and make sure each image represents your brand. As mentioned in part one, make sure all images are optimized for easy viewing.  This optimization also helps to improve your SEO rank in Google.

Video presentations help to clarify your brand offerings:

In case your service or product is complicated and needs additional explanation, you might consider having a video produced and feature this video on the landing page. This may answer questions visitors may have. The rule is as follows:  Do not have a video which is too long and loses the viewer’s interest.  We suggest that a thirty (30) second video is the best choice and is it also suggested that you keep the content in the video presentation to a half page of text.

Social SharingTestimonials and social media shares build trust with consumers:

Include two to three of your best testimonials from clients to build trust and to provide legitimacy to your brand. Place social media buttons in an optimal location on the landing page and add “share” buttons to allow social sharing.  Work to develop your social community by keeping all accounts up to date. Ask your webmaster to add the social link of your choice such as Facebook, Pinterest, instagram, etc. to the home page to draw additional interest.  This is an easy way for you or your staff to update the social media site while working in the field (without accessing the website). Adding this programming will allow updates to be published immediately to the social media site and thus show up on your website landing page.


Creating a functional and beautiful landing page, by using he suggestions here will help to improve your brand and elevate your SEO Nirvana …..  Good luck ahead and stay in touch for more next time.
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