New Facebook algorithm change will affect business

Apr 24, 2016

Social Media researchGoogle and top search engines have noticed that more and more businesses are using social media as a marketing tool. Change is coming. Google is introducing a new Facebook algorithm in 2017 which will focus more on storytelling and less on advertising. Holding the reader’s interest will trump any sales tactics. The Facebook content moving forward will need to be engaging and written in a way that will hold the reader’s interest.
Discussing topics trending (real-time) and connecting with the target group based upon age, gender, location or specific interest will work best. Adding a few high quality images and even a video may also help to build brand recognition. This new Facebook algorithm will change the way Facebook articles are viewed by major search engines. Business owners will need to conform to the new Facebook requirements.

New Facebook algorithm change begins:

Google has announced this algorithm change will occur in early January of 2017. All content posted on Facebook will be monitored, and only the high quality and compelling content will receive a satisfactory rank. Gone are the days you can just post any content,  Going forward, the search engines will be restricting posts which are nothing more than promotional announcements to promote a product or service. Facebook conducted a survey and found that users do not want so many of these posts.
Encouraging visitors to enter contests, install an app, or to reuse ad content will be frowned upon by the top search engines. These types of posts will experience a decline in organic listings, favoring the articles focused on original thought and storytelling content.

The growing interest in hiring guest bloggers:

Since social media is now playing a larger role in our marketing strategy, hiring an expert blogger will bring big rewards. These experts are able to add a new spin to our article marketing, and provide high quality content. With the new Google algorithm, the search engines will be grading each article based upon readership value. Written content not engaging, nor impactful to the reader will be overlooked for the more popular ones. Up to now, many of us have been doing our own writing, even with all of our other tasks.  It is time to consider outside experts to breathe new life into our published articles. These professionals can be found online and we also have a list of writers we can refer. Contact us to receive a list of our preferred independent contractors available.
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Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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