How important is face to face communciation in business?

May 2, 2016

Face to face design meetingFace to face communication  is still the most important element for building trust between client and vendor. Our design team makes every effort to meet with each client personally if they are a local client. For out-of-town clients, we are happy to arrange a Face Time or Skype meeting online.  This will help the potential client to be comfortable with us and answer any questions they have, before signing with us.
Doing our due diligence before we accept a new design client stops many problems which could arise later.  It also builds the needed trust between our new client and our design team. A pleasing work arrangement helps to build a successful future. Many clients are surprised that we offer this face to face meeting, since most businesses today offer little information but are quick to ask for money. Smart technology has slowly replaced the person to person communication. This is quickly becoming the missing link in today’s business environment. Virtual communication is morphing into an impersonal and unprofessional method to work with others.

Face to face contactHow clients react to face to face communication:

A client recently emailed us and told us we were the only company willing to meet with him. He went on to say that some designers he approached online did not even return his phone call. Many of them simply offered starting prices and asked about his budget. Based upon their interaction, which was very little, he was made to feel very unimportant.  This is no way to build new business in our humble opinion.

Family feedback on face to face interaction:

Our daughter is a professor at a North Carolina University. She is telling us that her students are so completely engrossed in their smart devices, that she has to ask them to leave all devices at the door of her classroom. Otherwise they would not hear a word of the lecture. This new normal of constantly communicating by using smart devices is now harming our youth.  They are no longer prepared for meeting face to face with interviewers and it is hurting their chances for great job opportunities.

Using face to face marketing method (benefits):

In business, face to face selling will ultimately build trust and this interaction leads to more referrals and more ROI (return on investment). The need today for this interaction in the virtual environment is more important than ever.  Adding a familiar face and voice to any communication can bring mutually beneficial results.
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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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