Improving your writing technique: Persuasive blogging tips:

May 8, 2016

Improving writing technique begins with understanding persuasive writing methods. Along with having a great visual website, you should also work on building your brand to be one of authority.  To do this you’ll have to learn to tell stories in a persuasive style. This type of writing will capture interest and will encourage readers to return for more.  Readers will not follow your blog articles if your writing is humdrum and does not stand out in the crowd.  Here are a few tips to improve your style:

Consistency and known facts increase readership:

New website contentWriting an article once in a while with no consistency is characterized with laziness.  Websites that have not added any new content in a while is a red flag to search engines that your site is out of touch.  Add articles of interest on a regular basis and use the storytelling method to get your points across. First and foremost, your writing should be based upon a deeper knowledge of a specific subject. Provide supporting evidence that you actually know what you’re talking about. For example, start with content already accepted as fact. This will bring more credibility to your writing style and go far in convincing your readership to follow you.

How important is storytelling?

Encouraging the reader to follow your words works best when you employ the storytelling style. The best books and articles are written by storytellers. Storytellers have no need to convince anyone of anything. They simply tell the story in a wonderfully creative way and allow the power of persuasion to do all the work.  Learn to be a better storyteller and watch your readership grow.

Tricks of the writing trade:

Using metaphors and analogies as comparisons, assure the reader that your content is accurate. These are powerful tools for writers. A metaphor (a figure of speech) is used to make a comparison between two things. An analogy is a method to argue logically which helps to clarify a point of discussion. Backing up any claim by convincing your audience you know what you’re talking about is always the best method to build a readership.

Breaking NewsReporting the latest news is another great method:

The internet was created as an informational tool. Because of this, search engines look for news happening in real-time (trending news).The most successful writers and bloggers sign up with magazines reporting breaking news related to their specific genre. They make it a habit to add this content on a consistent basis. This type of content will always be more popular and attract more readers than old stale information. What’s happening now is interesting to everyone ….no wizardry needed.

What readers know and what they want?

Today’s readership is very savvy and most are well-educated. Stick to topics you know well and expound on those. Every writer has their own unique flair for the dramatic.  Get to know your target audience and write based upon what you learn about them  Although it is perfectly fine to add a creative touch, you may want to save the dramatic flair for a special occasion.
Speaking of special occasions, we wish our mothers a special mother’s day.
Persuasive Writing techniques
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