Website re-design versus updating existing website

May 16, 2016

website brandingAdding new elements and updating your website  will improve your brand, and build trust. It will let visitors know that you are a major player in your industry. Existing sites can be refreshed when it comes to adding new content or imagery. You can also remove any outdated plugins or elements which are no longer featured on newer sites. However, if you are wanting an entirely new concept, new look and feel, we recommend a complete site re-design. Most clients re-design their company website about every three to four years to stay current with the newer bells and whistles. With a brand new look you can expect an increase in revenue this year.

Google algorithms:

Google makes over 300 small changes each year to their algorithm, and introduces these into the marketplace. All of these changes affect brand awareness. SEO professionals stay current with these new changes and use them to improve SEO strategy. These algorithm changes are also taken into consideration by designers as they give your brand a new look (a re-design).

Keyword relevance:

In the past year, keyword research has changed and has become more sophisticated. Rather than ranking individual keywords, the new method is to use keyword phrases. This method refers to using a group of keywords which help to clarify the targeted search. This string of keywords is referred to as “long tail keywords. Another new element which will be used more and more in the future is the Google voice search capability. We’ll be discussing this more as it begins to be used by more end users.

Changing to a mobile-friendly platform versus working on an existing site:

The older sites which were not built using responsive design strategy, cannot be easily salvaged. Completely rebuilding current sites would require changing older programming for newer programming methods. This takes time and can be costly. The hours required for this change exceed the hours needed to completely re-design the site using a new responsive platform.

Guest BloggerAdding a blog to the site:

Adding new pages is always a good idea to get more traffic.  If your site does not have a blog page, we suggest you add this right away.  Content development is an important SEO strategy that will serve you well. Search engines scan blog content quickly and you can add new information on your own schedule.  If your time is limited you might consider hiring a guest blogger once in a while to help with the blogging schedule. This also adds a new perspective to your blog content. We suggest adding a new blog post about every 7 to 10 days. Each new blog post is considered as a new page and will offer another search result for Google. This new content added consistently will improve your search engine results dramatically.  In other words, the more blog articles you add to the site, the more chances you will be found by those searching the web.
Content ranking factors include:

  • Keyword distribution
  • Blogging pattern
  • Word count
  • Internal linking
  • meta tag use

FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions)

Adding an FAQ page can increase your search engine optimization score.  We recommend about 10 to 12 questions and answers for this new page.  It should also be added to the menu and be well-written, offering the customer quick answers to the most popular questions asked.

Linking StrategyImprove site quality by improving link partnerships:

Legitimate, high quality links are still important for all websites. Reciprocal links receive a higher rank than single informational links. Find and identify the top authority links for your website. Linking these valuable sources within your industry will speak well for your brand value. Build long-lasting relationships with quality link partners for better SEO results.
Better links attract high social shares and build your brand awareness. Good linking strategy also leads to better cross-platform compatibility.

Conclusion: Why re-design your website?

All website owners should make sure the website is visually appealing not cluttered or confusing, and it should be easy to navigate. Your brand is judged on the appearance of your website.  If it looks professional and well-designed, the customer will feel confident in using your services. The look of the site, the layout and concept should be harmonious and beautiful. Outdated websites are easy to spot. Stay current with the latest bells and whistles.  Contact us to discuss a new website re-design.  We look forward to working with you for your future success.
More next time …
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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