Great visual design increases client’s ROI: More than a pretty face

May 23, 2016

Website re-designThe overall look and design of the website matters more today than in the past. It has now become an information gateway for visitors and customers. The page visual organization must be concise and brief. Only the most valuable information should be listed, and more focus is placed upon great imagery. Choosing the perfect image to create a visual message is preferred, versus bloated content of the past. Google suggest a maximum of 300 words for the home page and 350 for subsequent content rich pages.

Today’s design style of choice:

Flat designs are becoming the style chosen for today’s new sites. Site hierarchy is developed to be clean and simple. A well-designed website shouts to the world that you are a professional in your genre. It also suggests to customers that you’ll provide and deliver a quality product or service. Google research has taught us that if the site is visually appealing, the visitor will stay on the site longer, and customers trust doing business with a well-designed and well-organized site. This will turn visitors into buyers, thus the ROI will improve. This is referred to as the site’s conversion rate.

Website consultations:

When we meet with clients, their first question to us is always the same, “how can my site be better looking?” Today’s top websites are both beautiful and functional. They replace the brick and mortar lobby of yesterday, since many shoppers prefer to shop online. A website consultation is an important part of our re-design strategy.  This helps us to understand the company mission profile and offers the client a chance to get to know the designer who will be working on the site re-design.

Bad design versus good design:

We are always surprised by the many badly designed websites. It is not ok to simply purchase a cheap template online and publish it. These cheaper sites are easy to spot, and they look generic in appearance.. They are a dime a dozen. New bells and whistles are developed everyday for designers to use when optimizing the look and feel of a website.  Using these new elements will generate new interest, and elevate the website to a higher level of importance. Better visual design also affects SEO (Search Engine optimization) rank. Our developers are schooled in optimization techniques and advanced design methods. They also use advanced techniques needed for CMS (content managed sites) such as WordPress. These additional features make every website unique and different.

Logo design (website identity)

Hiring a professional graphic artist to develop a professional logo goes a long way. The color palette of the website is developed using the colors in the logo. If a company logo is dated and needs a refresh, there is no better time to do this than when you are considering a new website re-design.  Most site developers ask for the logo in a digital format before the re-design work begins. The website is your face to the world and should be as professional and as visually pleasing as possible.

website designMenu placement & navigation:

The beauty of the website includes designing a beautiful and functional menu. The site navigation menu is more like a road sign or street pointer.  There are new menu options available, creative and unusual designs methods. They play a major role in the user experience. Designing the menu is just as important as other parts of the design process. During this phase, we carefully research to determine the most important levels of the information highway (the header menu). Less important areas of the site (other pages) can be listed on a lower level of the navigational system. The end goal is to have a beautiful and user-friendly navigational menu.


Fair or not, your business may be judged, based upon the look of your website. Whether the company is large or small, successful or just starting out, the look of the website plays a large role in attracting new customers. Put a great deal of thought into the next re-design project. It will pay off with big dividends in the future. Visit our latest launch of a WordPress platform for an Orlando Pediatric Dentist   This is a beautiful representation of a highly optimized WordPress design.
Thanks for stopping by.  Contact our design team to learn more about us, and have a great week ahead.
Jean Holland-Rose,
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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