Audience communication … building blocks to online success

Jun 1, 2016

audience communicationEveryone who browses the web is your audience. Your job when developing a website is to communicate with a select few called your “target audience.” Don’t be in a rush to get the site launched. Do your due diligence and develop a clear focus on elements needed to build target audience communication. A contact form is needed for most websites.  However, there are some businesses that do prefer the customer call them before making a purchase.
Building a great website does not happen overnight. A pleasing looking site, full of great functionality, and elements to assist end-users works best. This type of site will encourage the visitor to stay on the site long enough to learn more and convert to buyers. Developers study the specific target audience to determine techniques which might generate interest. Understanding and implementing this method will help to develop online followers.

What information is the audience looking for?

End users are coming to the site to get questions answered. They want to get their needs met by locating quickly, what they are hoping to find. They may be expecting to find a special savings on a product you provide. They may be looking for more information about the product.  Whatever they are there for, it is your responsibility to cover all bases. If they can find an answer to their questions easily, they will be content and move forward to become a buyer. But, if the website is not user-friendly, you can expect the customer to move on to another site, easier to use.

The building blocks needed for audience communication includes:

  • Technical expertise, graphics and programming excellence
  • Visual organization to drive the message for the brand
  • Clear call to action elements (buttons or links) for ease of use

Websiite conversion rateTo WOW the online audience with the “big reveal” the site development team must display full knowledge of design and function. Additionally, a great visual design coupled with good SEO techniques will increase traffic conversion. Our developers are skilled in conceptual design and understand layout and graphics. They are efficient with CSS (cascading style sheeting) html programming skills and custom design techniques. All designers should understand tables, grids and be willing to learn new bells and whistles as they are introduced into the marketplace. The new sites will be built to be compatible with other mediums across several platforms and will be able to meet any new server requirements.
Contact us to discuss a new website.  We look forward to meeting you and working hard for your future success.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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