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Jul 4, 2016



Does your website speak to your audience through its grand design, or does it scream “just another generic website?”  Where is the “wow” factor? With no shock and awe you can count on lower traffic and very little conversion rate. The voice of your website (the personality) comes alive through unique visual presentation.
Those who visit your site will judge the site as unique and professional, or outdated and untrustworthy. We all want to do business with a company who presents a pleasing and professional first impression. This is important whether we are visiting a brick and mortar location or an online website.
Every aspect of the site’s development is important. The full picture will either build a following or drive your visitors to other, more professional looking sites.The total package should include:

  • Great visual components & graphic design
  • Preesent correct organization of content
  • SEO programming added to website html source code
  • Include functionality for specific project requirements
  • Ease of use (user-friendly navigation system)

Think technical to cover all bases:

To reach a worldwide audience, the web has many restrictions and constraints. There are many technical variations when it comes to your website presentation and interaction. You cannot count on everyone seeing your site the same. The way the site looks on your home computer may be different from the way it looks on another computer. Although it is impossible to design for all hardware and software variations, top designers do stay current with updated methods. They use flexible methods that support the majority of web browsers, since most browsers do not display code the same. Technology changes often and for this reason alone it is important that you partner with a quality design team. The web is fluid and those who are not willing or not capable of ongoing education should not be chosen as your design partner. Otherwise, your website will soon become outdated as new technology arrives on the scene.

Beware of “free” web design advertisements:

Using a generic template may not be the best choice for online success. There are plenty of ads online for “cheap” web development. Buyers beware, since some of these options are misleading, with hidden costs. Common sense should kick in to let you know there has to be costs involved. These “hidden” costs are normally not revealed until after you sign up for the design package. Hiring a professional will require an investment, but aren’t you worthy of this investment?  You would not trust your business to a stranger.  So protect yourself from scammers by taking the time to meet personally with anyone offering design services.  There is usually no fee for the initial meeting with a designer. They will then prepare a formal proposal for you after the meeting. This will allow you to compare costs to services offered.  You’ll make a  more informed decision and insure a better outcome.

July 4th website savingsSpecial Holiday Savings:

Ask about our special savings for our most popular design package, available until July 15, 2016.  Ask for Jean. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will contact us for your next website project.

Happy Independence Day:

Congrats to Vicki and the staff at “Peddles.”  Enjoy your new site and we thank you for choosing Inside Design Orlando for your site re-design.
Enjoy your independence day… Happy 4th of July to all!
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