How a conversion-oriented blog post will increase lead generation (part one)

Aug 6, 2016

New blog contentComing up with new content for blog articles is definitely not a secretarial task. Orlando Website Design uses professional writers from time to time to offer a new perspective. Some of our clients choose to try to do this themselves with little or no knowledge of blogging or SEO methods. It does not turn out well for them and they are soon complaining that they are not receiving any uptick in traffic patterns. Don’t get me wrong, a client can learn blogging techniques.  However, they must spend the time learning the ropes and our professionals spend up to 40 hours each week learning new methods and blogging for clients. There are changes that take place all the time with Google. Most business owners do not have time to stay on top of this and soon turn it over to a professional.

Blogger experience:

The bloggers we refer are actual writers and technicians who are familiar with SEO methods. Along with good writing skills, they also bring to the post article, visual images, info-graphics, and videos to drive their messages. These writers keep the content fresh and offer trending news articles of the day as they pertain to the website service or product. Their powerful words help to inspire emotional responses, encouraging the reader to ask for more information or to buy your product or service. This is referred to as a conversion (from reading to buying). Thus …..the birth of a conversion-oriented blog post which will increase the lead generation.

Re-using blog articles and writing strong copy:

Blogging excellenceBloggers must wear many hats and be able to multi-task, They must be creative and able to research any and all subjects. One of our bloggers writes for Rangefinder Magazine and is a professor of journalism studies at the University of Arkansas. She blogs for Florida Lung Doctors, and they are amazed by the great articles she adds to their website. In fact, they have taken the time to re-print each blog post and provide them to new patients.
Well-written blog articles can also be used for company white papers and for company meetings.  Generating leads and staying competitive with other sites is a daunting task. The website must display new and valuable content consistently. Information regarding trending news is also recommended. Blogging once will not suffice.
Great blog posts are created consistently over time, using conversion-oriented language and featuring high-quality writing.
Contact Inside Design Orlando for all things design.  Ask about our summer special saving package.  We look forward to partnering with you for a more successful 2016.
Hurry back next time for part two. Jean Holland-Rose / Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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