Conversion oriented blog posts (part two) avoiding mistakes

Aug 13, 2016

Higher Conversion RatesAs we mentioned in part one, it is all about the conversion rate. Conversion oriented language in blog posts, will improve your conversion stats. The goal is to have folks read your content, then click through to call to action verbs such as “buy now” and make a purchase or ask for your services. Avoid hard to read jargon and research all content you are offering others. Start with adding not only high quality content, but also good visuals. Great content with images earns more views.
Videos are also excellent tools to gain the reader’s interest. Concentrate on the value of the content and/or video and how it might enhance your product or service.  Add other elements such as helpful tips, and up to date statistics that correlate to the subject.

How important are actionable headlines?

The headline of your post is the first impression of the reader and should include strong words to inspire an action through an emotional response. This is what we refer to as an actionable headline. The average human has an attention span of only about eight (8) seconds. This means you must grab the reader’s attention quickly. The better the headline, the quicker your viewer will respond. Professional bloggers know this and spend time researching each headline Experience teaches us that 80 percent of people read headlines while only 20 percent go further to read the entire piece. This is great news for those talented enough to write great headlines, More readers will click-through to read the entire content and you’ll increase conversion rate using unique headlines.

The importance of the opening paragraph:

For a better conversion rate, it is recommended that you place your most interesting points within the opening paragraph. This gives the reader a reason to interact with the content right away and encourages them to read further.Today’s savvy readers are busy and value their time. They are focused and want to read specific relevance first. Conversion-oriented content will focus on expert information, formatted for readability. The content discussed in the first paragraph should appeal to a large variety of readers. It should be simple, yet contain interesting copy.

Conversion ratesAre larger posts better than small posts?

The amount of content in any article should be long enough to get the main points across. Our posts are around 500 words, but others prefer much longer pieces. Some of the best conversion-oriented content will ask a question and provide an answer without using a complex sentence structure or hard  to understand jargon.
Remember that you are writing content for a variety of readers, some may be very educated and some may not. Do your best to reach both of them by breaking up your text using headers, sub-headers, and bulleted lists. Your writing appeal will grow stronger by keeping it simple, yet relevant and well-researched.
Content that is easy to digest will speak to more readers and  will bring you the best conversion rate. Bellow are a list of the same elements we have discussed which should be included in all post content:

  • Start with a unique headline to appeal to a variety of readers
  • Put the most important points in the first paragraph
  • Ask questions and provide answers for problem-solving
  • Post content should be formatted for readability
  • Content should also be researched for accuracy
  • Readers should find it easy to interact with copy

Practice your writing skills and over time you will improve your ability to increase conversion rate. Become a thought leader in your own industry by taking advantage of continuing education in your field of interest.  Hurry back for more next time and contact us for all things design.
Have a wonderful end of summer …
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando


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