Website blog content still outranks social media for consumer purchasing decisions

Sep 22, 2016

Blog for successSince 2013, blog content tops other marketing methods to drive new consumers to purchase online. This still applies today.  Some of our clients are still not on board with this knowledge. They are continuing to follow old methods and many of them are still not embracing this fact. Website blogs are the third most valuable digital resource when making online purchases, and blog information drives 34 percent of the success for brand sites. What you add to your blog is so important that it surpasses other campaigns for consumer purchasing decisions. Taking this lightly will not serve any company well.

How to identify a blogger for the company:

Companies who are preparing their yearly budget should include adding a professional blogger to the staff.  Professional writers and bloggers are two different entities.  Top bloggers stay current with Google algorithm changes. Writers come from all walks of life and may not have any knowledge of this field. When you are considering a writer to blog for the company, they should be asked how well they understand search engine criteria.  Writers that have embraced SEO requirements are the best choices for a company blogger.  Most writers already have a passion for writing and this will serve them well as they blog consistently and develop a following for your product or service.

What makes a great blog post?

  1. Bloggers must understand their subject inside and out, including only useful information.
  2. Showing a passion for the subject is a huge plus for your readership.
  3. Content should be easy to read for all audiences. Keep it simple.
  4. Shorter posts tend to be read more than longer ones. Keep writing to a minimum.
  5. Although quality over quantity wins the day, posts should be at least 300 words.
  6. Posting new content consistently and regularly is a must to build a following.
  7. Each post must be original thought, no plagiarizing allowed.

Orlando Website Design News for September of 2016

We are welcoming a new client, Digestive Disease Consultants to our design family. Thank you for choosing our team for your new re-design. The new and updated website is now in progress.  We are hoping for a launch about the third week of October.  Their new site will feature many new bells and whistles available this year and will be mobile-friendly for all end users. The beautiful new re-design for Derrow Dermatology is now available for patients and visitors.
Check with us for your next website project.  Contact us to lear about the big savings for the holidays.  Hurry back for more design news next time.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando


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