The web design environment can be a scary place!

Oct 30, 2016

The web environment can be a scary place for those who are not familiar with the latest search engine optimization techniques. Online businesses need a great web design and top SEO techniques incorporated into the design. People may think that SEO is all about keywords, link building and page rank. However, the design of the website also plays a huge role in the success of the site. The design is often overlooked by those planning the site development. Along with the overall site look the menu should be easy to operate for all who use the site. This will help search engines scan the site and rank the site quickly.  Here are a few pertinent suggestions for today’s site development:

  • Design the site with search engine optimization in mind,  by integrating SEO appropriately
  • Pay attention to navigation, technology, content and linking strategies
  • Use phrases containing targeted keywords strategically throughout the sites.
  • Choose website elements such as “call to action” verbs to help the site to rank higher
  • Avoid site errors. Sites are easier to crawl that have fewer errors.
  • Make sure that vital content is not hidden from search engine bots

Happy Halloween 2016As users visit your website, they should be impressed by the overall design and functionality of the site.  If the site loads slowly, or if they are not able to find the information they are searching for quickly, they will normally leave the site quickly. When an end-user leaves your site, this creates what we call a “bounce rate.”  Google and top search engines do not rank sites well that have large bounce rates  Higher SEO scores come from those sites that have  navigational systems easy to use. These are the sites that attract more viewers for a longer period of time. In other words, the site should be aesthetically pleasing and it should also be simple to navigate. The content on the site should be consistent throughout and full of interesting copy. The site experience should be a positive one that will entice viewers to return and use the site again.
We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Halloween tomorrow.  Be safe and hurry back for more next time.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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