Website mobility and application design news for 2017

Dec 29, 2016

Mobile-friendly website design and application development will lead the way in the new year. Additionally, a new content format will take hold. As it applies to content writing, end users will focus on writing shorter content packed with useful information.  This will attract the all important mobile users since less content is more user-friendly for mobile devices.
Mobile power started in early 2015 and has been growing in popularity since. In November of 2016 top search engines announced they would begin indexing “mobile-first” content. This change came about as it became clear that mobile searches accounted for as much as sixty (60)  percent of all queries. This knowledge site owners to embrace mobile-friendly platforms for all new projects. Those antiquated sites that are still outdated and not built on a mobile platform will be left behind with their traffic patterns declining.

New business for Inside Design Orlando:

Since the election in November, we have noticed an uptick in requests for new business websites and for site re-design. Since business increased exponentially, we are adding a new designer to assist with the new work.  Although custom design is still asked for, WordPress platforms and SEO optimization is requested most. often.  WordPress offers easy to operate platforms and is more cost-effective when compared to the cost for “custom platform development.”  Another advantage to choosing a WordPress design is that companies can now manage their own sites in-house. This saves the expense of hiring a professional for every change.

Getting started with smaller sites:

We are suggesting that a basic calling card website may offer short-term benefits and will cost less than a custom design. This is a small three to four page website which can be completed within a few weeks. Some of our previous clients have opted to stop using an e-commerce platform and to rather have us design a simple calling card site to represent their brand. This works for them since they are most concerned with customers knowing they have a website when they speak with clients.
A smaller site can simply feature the most important company info, allowing customers to browse for more information. If clients are also looking for search engine optimization help, they can meet with our SEO team for a consultation.  SEO programming can then be added to the site. Search engines are more friendly to smaller sites with less bloated content.

Marketing strategies change with the new year:

In the year ahead,  many of our clients are opting to spend their advertising dollars for company videos, media and other marketing methods.  The website is only one avenue to get your brand message out. The overall marketing strategy should cover all bases into the future.

The future is application design:

The new year will see many web users preferring to get information through applications (apps) rather than traditional websites.  Website design will still hold the popularity since it is more cost-effective when compared to the cost for application development however. For those businesses that can afford to have an app developed, Google recently acquired a software application names AGAWI. This software allows streaming of application content without the user being required to download and install the app. Inside Design Orlando will be offering our clients application design to be ready for the future beyond 2017.
Contact us at (407) 405-4877  to discuss your next multi-media project or to discuss application technology for the future.
We wish all of you a wonderful celebration to welcome the new year.

Jean Holland-Rose, Inside Design Orlando
Chief Creative Officer and  SEO Professional


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