Professional developers discuss how color choice affects website design

Jan 25, 2017

No other design element means more than the color palette chosen for your new web design. Color affects our mood and can alter an opinion. Using the right color in developing a web design can make us feel comfortable, get us excited or entice us to buy a product or service.  As designers, we know that color is the silent sales person inviting us to experience the website in a positive or a negative way.
Our reaction to color in web design changes with the type of site being developed.  The team at Orlando Website Design can try many different colors when working on an individual layout.  The colors of the company logo (identity) normally rules the colors used in site design. Using these colors provides a palette to work best with the company identity.  If a client has no logo, we always suggest they have the logo completed prior to site development.  Doing this will ensure that the completed site will blend seamlessly with other marketing pieces such as business cards, brochures, etc.

Different colors suggest different responses from viewers:

The color wheel is an important reference to understand the relationships formed by using color. The wheel is broken up into three types of colors:  Primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary colors include red, yellow and blue.  Secondary colors are green orange and violet and are created by mixing equal amount of the primary colors together. Tertiary colors are colors mixed together such as green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-orange and yellow-orange.  These are a combination of secondary and primary colors.
The color yellow is associated with energy and life. The brightness of yellow brings with it the feeling of warmth. Yellow is a full of life, and is a happy color. Many kids websites use this color.
The color red is a vibrant and passionate like love and war.  Red is a strong and attention-grabbing color, charged with emotion  Many restaurants use the color red to excite the appetite.
The color orange is a strong and vital color. The warmest of colors, Health spas and medical sites use orange to invoke a feeling of healing.
The color blue is a cool color, dependable and sophisticated. The blue of the sky and the color of the sea brings depth which is constant yet dynamic.  Blue works well for most business sites.
Thee color of purple is a regal and sacred color.  It excites sensual feelings and is considered a luxurious color. The lighter colors of purple (soft violet colors) are used in spiritual websites.
The color of green has a fresh and relaxing feel.  Green is a very balanced, natural and calming color.

Designing spaces that work best for our challenging year ahead:

When designing website spaces, as professional developers, we use the company color palette to create balance within the site composition. Contrasting colors can be used throughout the site to bring attention to important areas of the site. When one color dominates another color, the dominate color is used sparingly (this color is better used as an accent color). This color can draw attention to certain elements describing your product or service, and can also be used to create colorful call to action buttons or bullets.  These point out different pages and useful site information.
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