Digital media advertising captures high return on investment

Feb 12, 2017

Currently, digital media advertising  is bringing in .72 (seventy-two) cents for every dollar spent by consumers. This is a high return on investment and is expected to rise even higher in the coming year. Consumers are staying on-line longer and online ad campaigns are becoming more productive. As online ads become more and more popular, brands will need to change their marketing strategies and budgets to align with this new market trend.

Top budget expenditure to consider:

People have become emotionally attached to their mobile devices. Current market trends point to the fact that roughly two billion consumers are shopping on mobile devices every day. Knowing this, companies would be wise to devote a larger part of the company budget to mobile ads. Top brands are devoting approximately fifty (50) to sixty-five (65) percent of their budget to this successful form of advertising. Digital media advertising is not only personal, but able to target specific locations and identify users in areas of interest.

Instagram & Social Media applications:

Instagram in the following year is expected to grow in popularity along with other social media applications. YouTube is another platform which can be utilized in marketing strategy this year. Other viewers enjoy engaging in giveaways, contests and sweepstakes for an interactive experience online. Anything offered or given away free of cost is always a hit with online shoppers. Any of these methods will promote future sales and encourage return visits.
It is important this year to influence the online market by improving your digital media footprint. Learn more about digital marketing strategies and get involved with these methods to increase revenue and improve brand awareness. Traditional avenues like TV and radio, will soon be irrelevant and will be replaced by online video, social media and other popular online disciplines.  Contact our team to discuss new ways to advertise your brand.
Consider a brand new look for the new year for your website.  We are offering several great cost-saving packages to suit all budgets.
Stay engaged, stay connected and stay ahead of the competition …. work hard toward that goal this year.

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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando


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