How to improve website search engine optimization for the spring of 2017

Feb 20, 2017

Improving your website SEO strategy this year is paramount in staying competitive. If you feel your company is falling short of goals established, it is time for a change. Low results could be caused by out of date practices, or you may need to improve your current website to boost your chances for success.

Advantage of using long tail key words:

A good beginning is to use long tail keywords in page content. This will generate the highest results.  Assign someone in the company to research and identify the phases relevant to your product or service. Using these highly competitive phrases (long tail key words) to increase your rank with search engines. If your budget allows, it is wise to hire an SEO professional.  However, this can be done in-house and there are tutorials online which will help to understand how to determine keyword phrases that work best for your brand.

Less content and graphics is best for landing page development:

Just say “no” to bloated content: Design the header area to be clean, and minimalistic in look and feel. The bottom line is this … you want people to read the content and you want search engines to give you a high rank for design and programming. When visitors reach the landing page for the new site design, they expect to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, they will move on to next site. Keep graphics to a minimum. Below the header area, as you begin to add informative content to the page layout, we suggest you keep it short and sweet. Bullets are a top choice for home page content. They offer a quick look at our services, without having to read unnecessary flowery wording. Further, most search engine spiders (bots) only scan about 1/2 the page so put your best material in the first two paragraphs or the best results.
Professionals in the marketing world from top search engines such as Google, suggest you keep the landing page content to a maximum of 300 words or less. Blowing your own horn will get you nowhere. Trendy gimmicks to keep people on the site are considered non-professional and will not help you get the visibility you desire. Too much, and you risk intimidating the reader who will just browse away and get a lower rank from search engines – who wants to do all that work to read online? Viewers to your site are there to have a question answered and are not going to spend time reading an abnormal amount of text. Ask them to browse the site to learn more.

Updated design calls for page content refresh:

With every new re-design we encourage companies to re-write the content on each page of the website.  Many sites have been online for years and most could use a page refresh. The search engines have no reason to scan content already scanned long ago. As we publish a new re-designed website, there should also be new information for end users. Search engines will scan “new” information so this is a win win for both the company and the visitors alike.

Website traffic.

Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more next time.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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