Develop story-telling skills and avoid blog mistakes:

Mar 12, 2017

Most bloggers spend a majority of their time building a story line and embellishing the content.. This blog post is to discuss developing better story-telling skills and to avoid blogging mistakes. Story-telling is the only marketing plan you need if your writing skills are top-notch.
However, if you want your story to be listed by search engine bots, the copy must be high quality content, worth presenting to readers. Developing better writing skills is important to all editors that want to get noticed online.

Building readership:

Your goal is to develop a following online by writing great stories. Your readership will come back over and over again as your writing skills improve. Great story-tellers provide content which is relatable and compelling. No one is interested in what happened to you last week on the way to the market. The story has to convey valuable information to attract and hold viewer’s interest. If you bore your readers, you can expect very little traffic. and search engine bots will not scan and list your entry.

Consistency is key:

Once you start your writing career, you must be consistent to be taken seriously. An entry once in a while will not work. Search engines are looking for entries that are beneficial to their readers and offer the top information. The internet was developed as an informational tool. It was not created to promote your business. Passing trending and valuable content from reader to reader consistently is the key to online success.

Getting your story read:

Write naturally and use your own personality. Convey blog copy which will add a benefit to the reader.  Most of us are extremely busy and don’t have time to read useless posts. Describe the purpose of the story and establish a story setting. Next, develop a problem to be solved and explain how the problem will be resolved. This method will capture interest and most important, sell the story to the reader.

Avoid the following blogging mistakes:

Not speaking to the target audience
Not using your own personality while writing
Choosing a topic already over-covered in other blogs
Not using suggested SEO techniques

The blog process should consist of the following:

  • Writing the post story
  • Developing the post topic
  • Adding SEO techniques
  • Publishing the post
  • Promoting the new post through marketing tools
  • Develop a following based upon the topic

How stories are chosen for search engine listings:

There are approximately two million blog posts published every day. To have your entry stand out in the crowd you must be willing to develop your writing skill to a higher level, learn the blogging system and follow the top search engine rules. Search engines want to list the most current and informative articles, not just a mundane entry which offers no benefit.
After the story has been published, go one step further and promote your masterpiece. It should be promoted through social marketing techniques or it will not be considered a valuable source. Post it on Facebook or another media resource.

How important are basic facts and where should they come from?

There is nothing new under the sun (a famous quote.)  This means it is fine to use other bloggers research to point out valuable facts. If you do this however, it is courteous to always list the name of the source. You should also make sure the content gleaned from another source is related to your topic.
Getting to the important facts placed within the post content quickly will grab the reader’s interest. This will also help the content to linger longer in the reader’s mind. This information was mentioned in the research of cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner, as cited in an Insight Demand presentation. 

How many words are best for top results?

Most top bloggers are reporting that Google does tend to like longer posts as opposed to shorter ones. Short content normally does not deliver enough relevant information to be useful to readers. Shorter posts will also not enhance your entries as being authority posts. Try to do more than just to state obvious information. It is important to include new facts to  capture the reader’s interest. Remember that readers today are smart. They are able to draw conclusions on their own. Because of this, top bloggers are developing two-way dialogues with their readership, asking questions, doing their research and offering opinions.


To develop good story-telling skills and avoid blogging mistakes, follow the methods offered in this post. Be consistent in your writing schedule and develop better story-telling skills. We blog about three times per month but each and every business will determine what is best for them. Writing longer blog posts allow the best chance for success. Five hundred to two thousand words per post is what most businesses suggest.
There are tutorials online which offer more information on blogging success and each business should stay current on rules for blogging success.  These rules will change and continued education will bring the best results.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you and we hope you will hurry back for more next time.
remember … “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish … you’re lucky enough.”


Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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