Replacing current website content with new content strategy

Apr 9, 2017

Today we will be discussing steps to refresh your current website copy using a new content strategy.  This method of marketing starts with the creation of new copy content and includes sharing other material on the web (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts).
This method will promote your brand and to generate interest in your unique product or service. Copy writers today include information architects, journalists, marketing communicators, tech communicators, user experience specialists and more.
The effectiveness of the new content you add to your website can make or break your site. You will be creating content for computer and tablet views as well as for other communication devices (mobile). It is suggested that the amount of content used for mobile views be kept to a minimum. This works best for those using smart phones and other small communication devices. Mobile website views should be less cluttered to allow quick viewing for end users.  Keep all imagery to a minimum as well for best results.

Developing content to meet the test:

You’ll be deciding on how you want to converse with your site visitors and then changing the content to fit this narrative. Follow these two steps as you change old content for new content:

  • First, inventory the current website content and identify areas that need work.
  • Next, discuss with members of your team, the messages which will work best for your specific user base.

The goal is to meet the needs of your visitors, achieve better SEO rank, and engage the visitors by using elements which require a call to action such as “buy now” or other. Answer these questions:

  • Does your current content meet your strategic goals?
  • Is your content organized well for your site visitors?
  • Does your current website content answer site visitors’ questions?

You will want to decide on what content to delete, what content is outdated and needs replacing and what content should be added. Keep in mind you should take special care “not” to add duplicate content from page to page which could affect your overall rank.  Duplicate content will bring you down in rank. Stick with about 300 words on the home page and 350 words on other pages of the site for best results.

Website analytics and other SEO techniques for the IT professional:

As you test the usability of your site, you are in fact testing your content marketing techniques.  Over time, business goals may change and new messages may be necessary. Your company services may also evolve and change. For these reason, you’ll want to set up a regular review schedule for your content strategy.
If you are not able to accomplish these programming changes yourself, it is smart to ask the site IT individual to take care of this for you. Have the IT professional add web analytics to the html source code of the site pages and to carry out an SEO analysis and site search analysis.
Another advanced technique is called conversion optimization analysis. This program will convert visitors from simply looking at the site to actual buyers, from browsers to shoppers and from readers to subscribers. All of these steps will improve your chances for content strategy success.

Other content which should be kept updated and current:

Content that should also be kept current includes all social media outside of your website such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  You should also refresh any company items such as your print brochures and any other white papers or other content platforms you have as a company.  Good content strategy should include all of your communication channels.  Hurry back for more next time.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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