Unique post headlines bring top SEO results

Apr 17, 2017

Developing unique post headlines should be a top priority when writing blog posts.  Professional writers know this and spend the extra time to come up with catchy and interesting titles.  It is also a great idea once you have come up with the title of your choice, to check it in Google to see if it has already been used.  If it has, then back to the drawing board.  Take the time to be creative and unique.  It will pay off with higher marks for search engine optimization which of course, is our golden grail. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Keep the headline to a minimum (a maximum of eight words is suggested)
  • Be very clear rather than cute … stick to original thought
  • Use a call to action phrase, make a statement or ask a question
  • Take the time to research your choice on Google
  • Choose words which your site visitors would use in a search

How about adding a bit of humor?

A cute and humorous title which does not match what site visitors are searching for is likely to fail.  Stick to language that will be searched for.  Choose words that connect with your phrasing chosen for the headline. A search engine software may not be able to detect a connection between your title and the keywords you are using.  If this is the case, then your article will not receive a high placement.

Title clarity for easy reading:

A famous blogger was creating a headline for an article. She was writing about usable website forms and how to categorize the even and odd entries. She went with the title “An odd man in the mix.”  This got very few click-through readers, and this is no surprise.  How would anyone, including search engine software know what she meant?   The next article that she wrote about listing website forms and categorizing them was entitled “A case for categorizing website forms.”  This was a much better headline and received rave reviews, received a high rank and a large readership.  This a great lesson on keeping the headlines clear and easy to understand.

Don’t forget about your global audience:

Think global as you write the post headline.  Avoid abbreviations, acronyms and speech which might not be understood by all. Reach out across the miles and around the world to draw new visitors to your website. As people travel they will still need products and services. A global reach will improve your brand and elevate your site to one of authority.


A headline should represent a snippet to entice people to read the entire post article. Be sure to use clear and concise words to engage the readership.  We suggest keeping the headline to a maximum of eight words which may consist of  a statement, question or a call to action phrase. Combine nouns with more information to make the message easy to understand.  Use words your visitor might use in a search.  Use your personality to create unique headlines that are catchy and interesting.  Research the headline to make sure it is not already on the web.
We would like to wish all of you a wonderful Easter Holliday.  Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more design tips from Inside Design Orlando.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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