Organizing website blog content for top ROI

May 2, 2017

When organizing the blog content, divide your information in a thoughtful manner. The editorial team as well as the company staff should work together to develop a cohesive messaging system to include blog topics and page content. This will help to share content writing and blog responsibilities among the group. Use good marketing strategy and techniques which are suggested by top search engines.
Find out what works for others in your unique working environment, and learn from their success.

How often should you publish a new article and what to write?

For best search engine results, blogging must be consistent. Blog entries should be published three to four times per month, as suggested by SEO professionals.  Longer articles are better than short entries. Just make sure the article is worth reading and offers a benefit to the readership. If the budget allows, it is a wise decision to hire a professional writer.  Another option is to allow a guest blogger from time to time to add a new perspective to your blog entries.

The value of blog headlines:

The blog headline/title is very important and grabs the attention of the reader quickly. Do your research to develop a creative and unique headlines. It will serve to raise the SEO rank and be listed predominantly on search results. The headline of your blog post should be kept to a maximum of 62 characters and should contain at least two to three descriptive keywords. A bad headline can hurt your chances to improve your ROI (Return On Investment).
Coming up with an amazing headline can drive new traffic your way.  Once you decide on a topic and blog headline, check it in Google to make sure there are no articles that are using the exact same language. Being unique and different in this case pays off in a big way.

Content strategy for website pages:

Remember, you are working hard to develop your brand to become known as an authority website. To gain this distinction, it is important to organize the content by information type and by product type. Try to imagine who is going to use the information and organize the content accordingly. Separating information for different site visitors is also a good suggestion and may work well on many levels. As an example, for a Construction company might offer both residential and commercial construction. Provide a separate button linking to each individual offering. Use links to white papers which are known as PDFs sparingly.

Using images and “real time” news for blog entries:

As bloggers, we use images to describe the content within the blog post, and to build a dramatic presentation of our work. The old jargon that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is correct. Images can be a great tool in your writing arsenal to describe content. Many busy readers, today, may appreciate the ability to click on an image link and read more on the topic.  This helps them avoid reading content which has no relevance to the information they are looking for.
Trending news gets the best coverage. Sign up with magazines around the country reporting on news articles of interest.  Once you have found copy that is interesting, expand on the news worthy content, using your own creativity and using your own personality. Real time news related to your area of expertise is always the best choice for new blog material. Always give appropriate credit to authors of the material you are using for a resource.

Call to action links within the blog post:

One way to enhance the experience for your readership, is to add a call to action link in the first or second paragraph of the copy. This helps to move the conversation ahead. Adding a short description beside this link will entice the reader to click on the link to discover more. This may be as far as they choose to go into the blog article. Providing this quick and efficient linking strategy will simplify the reader’s experience, saving them time. Simple is best and will be welcomed by all audiences.


Remember who you are targeting, and don’t get too sophisticated in the language you choose. Each and every blog entry should lead to a friendly conversation and a positive web experience. Continuing education builds strong blogging credentials.  Stay current with smart technology and remember we grow through changes that occur.  Blog consistently and blog effectively for a better future ahead.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando


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